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Happily Ever Allen is an Inspiration hub created by two 20-something year old lovers, Chase & Brit Allen. C & B married in 2015 and have been living Happily Ever Allen since!

Our blog is for both ladies & gents who love fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, food, home decor, family, fun, life, and of course, LOVE. 

We started Happily Ever Allen in 2016 and truly love what we do! We believe Happily Ever Allen is a direct reflection of ourselves. Therefore, everything we share we back up 100%!

We are absolutely thrilled to take you on this journey with us & are grateful for the opportunity we have to share our lives with you! Thank you all for your love and support! Words cannot express how grateful we are for each & every one of you. Love you all! xx




How do you edit your photos? 

     I use #TezzaPresets and LOVE them! They have made a huge differnece when it comes to the details in my photos! If you purchase these presets, you will need adobe lightroom on your computer! If I'm editing a picture on my phone I use both vsco and the lightroom app! My favorite filter on vsco is E2.


How did you guys meet? 

     We met while attending school at Utah Valley University. We had an English class together and the rest is history! (p.s. our first conversation ever was about Justin Bieber. You could say we're Beliebers hahaa.) We dated 3 years before tying the knot and I truly wish we would have done it sooner! 


Do you wear hair extensions? 

     HECK YES I DO! My hair literally does not grow. Because of this, I've worn extensions for 7 years. I've tried every single brand + method on the planet! My absolute FAVORITE hair is Racoon brand, and my favorite method is bonded! (After bonded I like wefts, then tapes, then clip ins!) I get my extensions done at Amara Day Spa and Salon in Orem, Utah! Click HERE to read more about my my hair routine, favorite products, and extension details!


Who does your hair? 

     Natalie Mckell (@NatalieMckellHair) has been coloring + styling my hair for 2 years now and I LOVE her! She's a wizard when it comes to hair and I feel lucky to be one of her clients! No one colors quite like her! Natalie works at Sola Salon in Orem, Utah and can be contacted at


Are you LDS? 

     YES we are LDS! (Mormons!) We are both so grateful for our knowledge of the gospel and try to live our lives in a way that would make our Father in Heaven proud! To find out more about the LDS church please visit LDS.Org.

Who does your eyebrows? 

     I first had my eyebrows done in 2014 by Alanna Precis! The term "microblading" didn't even exist then so I really had to my research and find the best artist out there! Alanna trained under Anastasia Beverly Hills and has a professional eye for beauty enhancement! Alanna has since opened her own salon (Salon Precis, located in Orem, Utah) and does microblading, trainings, and sells her own products! (makeup, tattoo pigment, & tools) I can honestly say, I wouldn't trust ANYONE else to touch my face but her or someone in her salon! They're simply the best! View her website HERE!