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Happily Ever Allen is an Inspiration hub created by two 20-something year old lovers, Chase & Brit Allen. C & B married in 2015 and have been living Happily Ever Allen since!

Our blog is for both ladies & gents who love fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, food, home decor, family life, fun, and of course, LOVE. 

We started Blogging in 2013 on, and FINALLY launched our blog & brand Happily Ever Allen in 2016! We believe Happily Ever Allen is a direct reflection of ourselves. Therefore, everything we share we back up 100%!

We are absolutely thrilled to start this new journey together & are grateful for the opportunity we have to share it with you! Thank you all for your love and support! Words cannot express how grateful we are for each & every one of you. Love you all!




How do you edit your photos? 


How did you guys meet? 


Do you wear hair extensions? 


Who does your hair? 


Are you LDS? 


Who does your eyebrows?