Hello Loves! <3 I’m really excited to share this beauty post with you all today! I receive emails daily about my personal makeup routine, my favorite products, and how I apply my makeup! In this post I’m sharing all of the current products I use, some of the products I’m DYING to get my hands on, and most importantly my favorite pictures/guides I use that have helped teach me how to apply my makeup! ENJOY BABES xx 


Eye Primer / Face Primer / Foundation / Highlight & Contour Sticks / Concealer / Baking Powder / Face Powder / Powder Contour & Bronzer / Powder Highlight / Blush / Bronzing Shimmer for Contour, Neck, & Chest / Matte Eyeshadow (Day) / Shimmer Eyeshadow (Night) / Eyeliner / Rim-Eyeliner / Mascara / Brow Pencil / Brow Gel / Lip Liner / Lipstick / Lip Gloss + Plumper / Beauty Blender 

These products above are pure GOLD! I’ve tried just about everything on the market and these are by far my favorites! They last all day, they don’t make me break out, and they look the most realistic! If you guys have questions about any of these products shoot me an email at & I’d be more than happy to answer them for you! xx

One of the things I do before applying my makeup or trying something new is search for inspiration photos/tutorials. I have a board on Pinterest that is chucked full of different looks that I often browse while getting ready! Below you can find my favorite ones! <3 They are easy to follow and have simple break downs! Enjoy! <3

Eyes & Brows

Brows are my absolute FAVORITE! They truly make or break your face! The evolution of these babies amaze me.. They’ve been pencil thin, barely there, sharpied on, and so much more! Right now I’m obsessing over a brow that has a “fade” to it. (or an ombré effect) It starts out lighter/sparse and ends being darker/thick. I’m also obsessing over a thick natural brow! Many of us aren’t so fortunate and don’t have this, but you can definitely create a perfect fraud with makeup!

Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t have much brow hair (or shape) I HIGHLY recommend getting your brows microbladed! I had mine done for the first time 3 years ago and it was the biggest GAME CHANGER! (I get mine done at Salon Precis by Alanna Precis! SHE’S UNREAL!) 

Eyeshadow/Eyeliner makes the world of a difference as well! During the day, I only wear MATTE COLORS! Night time is when you’re allowed to bust out the shimmer! 

One thing I stay away from with eyeshadow is adding shimmer colors to the crease of my eye! The shimmer defines/pops wrinkles and can make your eyes look quite a bit older! (Who wants that?!) For a night/bombshell/smokey eye look I’ll occasional add shimmer to my crease. I do this about once a month! (If that!)

Below you can see the faded/ombré brows, some shadows I’m crushing on, and some very simple winged liner! 


Oh the beauty of lips! <3 I used to not care/think much about lips. But then one day I had a makeup artist highlight & contour my lips! GUYS, MY WORLD WAS CHANGED! & LIPS ARE SOO IMPORTANT! 

I have three different ways I do my lips. I like to keep them somewhat consistent and natural looking. My three methods are; 1. I line, highlight, and contour them with a lip liner pencil and finish with a gloss & lip plumper. 2. I simply apply one lipstick and fin. Or 3. I slap on my burts bees chapstick and call it good! 

I love the look of a full lip, but I also love the look of a natural/thin lip. For this reason, I will never get lip filler! If the trends were to change and I was stuck with Kylie Jenner lips, I don’t know what I’d do! I feel like makeup is a better AND safer route when it comes to the lippies! 

Below is my favorite lip contour guide! I don’t always do each and every line, but I do always add the X no matter what! It makes the cupids bow stand out!!!! <3

Highlight & Contour

Highlighting & contouring is by far MY FAVORITE part of my makeup routine! It makes the biggest difference and is incredibly fun to experiment with! 

I use two creams & a beauty blender to highlight and contour my face. If I’m going for a more dramatic look I’ll finish it off with highlight & contour powder!

Below you will see three pictures that I follow exactly! They are from one of my friends who is a professional makeup artist and has given me a few lessons/tips throughout the years! 

Finished Looks <3

I love discovering pictures with different looks and trying them out on myself! Ive found its the best way to get better at applying makeup! Wether it’s a different brow shape, a bold lip, a natural vibe, or a complete bombshell look, I LOVE trying them all! 

I recommend gathering a handful of favorite looks before experimenting! Below are some of my favorites! They are all different but beautiful! 

Another thing I’d recommend doing is finding one person who you can relate to/think is stunning who’s looks you can recreate on yourself! 

For example; I adore Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, and Kendall Jenner, but I don’t have many similarities to these beauties. (Cry) BUUTT I do have similarities to Candice Swanepoel, Julianne Hough, and Alena Shishkova! I often look to these women when trying out a new look! ESPECIALLY ALENA! I love her in just about every look possible! (And let’s be honest, to look like her would be a dream!) 

Random makeup advice/tips: 

Less is more.

Do your makeup in natural light/sunlight.

BE SOFT. Don’t press, brush, or blend hard. 

Aim to blend. Avoid creating lines/stripes.

Exfoliate your face at least once a week.

Pluck your brows every now and then. (Or have them waxed regularly)

Don’t try a new look for the first time for an important event. (Seriously) 

Go at least one day a week makeup free. 1. You’re beautiful & 2. Your skin needs a day to breathe!

DON’T do the same thing everyday. Switch up your look AND your products often.

Keep in mind that makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty. Don’t change your overall look! YOU ARE UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL <3

Brushes: Some people swear that certain brushes make a huge difference when it comes to makeup. I have both high & low end brushes and honestly haven’t noticed much of a difference in quality/application. However, I DO notice a HUGE difference when I use clean brushes vs. dirty ones! I try to wash mine every two to three weeks! (And if I had more time, I’d do it weekly!) CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES LADIES! (And your beauty blenders too! <3) 

There’s always a handful of beauty products I’m dying to buy & try! Below are some products on my current list/some of my favorite beauty products that I use everyday! This makeup brush set & air brush system are two things I DYING to get my hands on the second I’m feeling rich! 

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I hope you babes enjoyed this extra long post! <3 Once again, if there’s any questions you have shoot me an email at & I’ll do my best to answer them! <3 Thanks for tuning in lovers! 

P.S. Keep an eye out on my Instagram stories this week! <3 I’ll be doing my entire makeup routine for you guys to see there! <3 Toodleloo darlings! xx|BA