B L U E <3


Blue Fat Freeze System // Jacket // Tank // Shorts // Sports Bra // Sneakers // Photog: Hunter Fowler 

You guys asked for it, and I'm finally bringing it to you! <3 How am I able to maintain my petite size?.... I've narrowed it down to these 3 factors. 1. Portion control. 2. Moderation in all things. (Food & working out. I get to the gym twice a week on average, & feed my cravings everyday! There's never a day I go without chocolate & junk food!) 3. & MAJOR KEY Cool sculpting. AKA My at home Fat Freeze system

If you haven't heard of "cool sculpting" yet, prepare to have your mind blown! Cool sculpting is basically a system that freezes your fat off. You freeze your fat cells until they have been chilled to the bone, the fat cells die a happy death, and pass through your body. And viola! You just lost inches! 

Sounds weird, right? I agree! I've seen people do this for the last year and thought it was crazy.. then I tried it, and I was hooked!  

Most fat freezing technologies are located at medi spas, and you just have to sit there in it for a while.... but not with the one I have!!!!  

I got my system from Blue and use it all the time! While I'm cleaning, reading, working.. etc. You can even use it while you're sleeping! 

In my pictures above you can see how simple it is to use! You just freeze your gel packs, put them into your dual targeting cold packs,  then strap them onto the area you'd like to minimize! (Stomach, arms, thighs, even your buummm.) Leave it on for one hour, and FIN! For the best results, you should use this 3 times a week! 

I always use mine before a big shoot, or an exciting week filled with lots of food! It honestly makes a difference and is the easiest & simplest thing you'll ever do to lose inches!  

Once again, I don't purely rely on this system to remain the size I am. I don't over eat, and I try my hardest to make it to the gym a couple times a week! But I truly feel like this is a highly effective way to rid of that unwanted, stubborn fat!  

If you're interested in this system, JUMP ON IT! The Blue Fat Freeze system retails for $700.00, but you can get it for $360.00 right now! Check them out for more details! xx  

If there's any other questions you guys have about this system or how I stay fit, leave a comment below! xx