If you find yourself in Salt Lake City, The Grand America is the only way to go! This hotel is by far the best the salty city has to offer!

Chase and I have always loved staying at The Grand! You can find us here after a Jazz game, sleeping in, getting Sunday Brunch, enjoying the spa and maybe a couples massage, and then hitting the pool! (They have indoor & outdoor so they’ve got you covered no matter the season!) We also love to people watch in the grand lobby. There’s often weddings, corporate events, cute ladies out for tea, and nba teams staying at the hotel which makes for an enjoyable time while waiting for your car! The lobby often has live music being played ranging from bands to harp, and there’s always an enormous bouquets of flowers who’s aroma fills the room!

The Grand life with Chloé was a little different but just as magical and luxurious as ever before! We made a stop to the in house toy store and just about died! Everything from the store, to the toys, to the window displays were to die for! The Grand America’s toy store is New York status if you know what I mean! We definitely got a few new toys for Chloé!

All three of us Allens enjoyed our vibrant, spacious room, the delicious room service menu, and a cheerful staff helping us with whatever we needed!

It truly was a staycation to remember! <3

If you’re wanting to go on a couples getaway, family trip, or treat yourself to a little me time, then The Grand is for you! Hoping to see you there ASAP! xx



First trip as a family of three officially in the books! We took Chloé James to the city, it’s one of our very favorite places! Nothing really compares to New York City!

When booking this trip, Chase and I thought carefully about what we’d be doing and where we’d be staying in the city with a 2 month old baby girl! (We didn’t want her getting sick or too hot!) We found the PERFECT hotel to stay at though, the Intercontinental Barclay! It’s right on the line of being in mid town & the upper east side, so CLEAN! Our room was spacious and big! Much bigger than any room we’ve ever stayed in while in the city! (It was really clean and smelled amazing too!) The Intercontinental Barclay had a beautiful, spacious lobby with food right off to the side, a continental breakfast with all the options, and an enormous crystal chandelier that Chloé James loved to gaze at! (It was so cute!) The staff was incredibly helpful and so so kind! They always said hello to Chloé, helped us with our bags & stroller, and even got the elevator for us! (Talk about going the extra mile!) This hotel is also dog friendly! We thought about bringing PG with us but ultimately opted out considering it was our first time flying and traveling with a baby!

I’m not even going to lie to you guys.. I miss their bathroom! It was so beautiful! It had the prettiest sink, marble countertops, the cutest subway tile, and a mirror perfectly lit to get glammed up! #TakeMeBack! If you’re wanting to visit the city, Chase & I both highly recommend this hotel! Between the incredible staff, perfect location, and spacious suite, it was a 10/10 for us Happily Ever Allens!

Seeing Chloé in the city was honestly the cutest thing ever! You don’t see many babies in New York, so everyone who saw her lit up and smiled! She brought joy to so many New Yorkers! Chloé enjoyed Central Park, soho, the Brooklyn bridge, cab rides, lots of naps, and of course her stay at the Intercontinental Barclay! She also brought some zzz’s to the city that never sleeps! Poor baby girl was so tired! She’s little enough that she can snooze anywhere right now so Chase & I lucked out!

Where should we go next?! Drop a comment below!

Thanks for looking in our first trip as a family of 3! <3 If you want our full NYC HACKS & TRAVEL GUIDE, click HERE! We have previous blog post that we still swear by! xx



Once I became a mom to Chloé, catching some me time became scarce! (I don’t even have time to go to the bathroom somedays!) I’ve often felt gross and just dirty from changing diapers all day, bring spit up on, and not having the time to hop into the shower! 

Lucky for me though, I just found a new dry shampoo + dry conditioner and it’s unreal! It’s the new Pantene Waterless Collection that includes the Never Tell Dry Shampoo Spray and theMist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist! It helps me look, smell, feel clean in just a matter of seconds! (And I can go 7-8 days without washing my hair which is a HUGE time saver!) 

When my hair is greasy and needs a wash, I grab my Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo, lift up my hair -section by section - and spray the dry shampoo directly into my roots (or wherever my hair is in need of refreshment most)! This Never Tell Dry Shampoo Spray is one of the only dry shampoos I’ve tried that doesn’t leave the white residue in your hair, which is AMAZING! And then, I will massage it into my scalp for about 8 seconds! (Just to disperse the productfully at my roots!) The Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo Spray has Pro-Vitamin B5 and wild mint that gives your hair a fresh start by absorbing dirt and oil. 

After I’ve applied the Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo Spray, I grab my Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist and spray from the mid-shaft to the ends of my hair, and then brush it through! It is infused with Omega-9 lipids that fully absorb to your hair and helps maintain any frizz I have and makes my hair smell amazing! And it make it silky soft! This is the first dry conditioner I’ve ever tried and I’m so in love with it! 

I repeat these steps daily until I have time to wash my hair! I used to only go 3 days between washes, and now I can go 7-8 days between washes when I use this Pantene duo! It takes me about 2 hours to wash, dry, and style my hair, and it only takes me 1 minute to spray on this dry shampoo & conditioner!

Let’s be real here, I think all of us find ourselves running late, feeling overwhelmed, or just not having enough time for everything! The new Pantene Waterless Collection is one way we can simplify our lives & help put some hours back on our clock! If it helped me, I know it can help you!

If you’re looking to simplify your life, or just need some extra time in your day, you need to try the new Pantene Waterless Collection!!!! Pick yours up now at Kroger – I promise you won’t regret it! 



The newest member to our “Happily Ever Allen” is finally making her debut! World, meet Chloé James Allen <3 born on 6/6/19, weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces. Chase, PG, & I are so in love with her. Our hearts have grown so much since our little angel decided to join us! <3

I have so much to say and don’t think any of it will come out right. The lack of sleep + mom brain I now have has done me in hahaa! So bare with me on this post and all future posts for the rest of my life! (;

Everyday since Chloé James has been born has been different! Some days are wonderful, others you just want to cry. Being a new baby in this world is so so hard. And being a new parent and figuring out daily life is hard too. It’s like putting together a puzzle that changes everyday and you don’t know what the picture is. Good news though, everyday you at least get one piece of the puzzle solved. <3 It might be different than the previous day, but whatever works today is what we go for!

Chloé was beyond fussy from week 2-6! She’d cry all day, and so would I. The last little while it’s gotten better! Much better! (Thank the dear heavens!) She’s starting to coo and smile, she recognized her daddy, her puppy, and I. She LOVES eating. She would nurse all day if I let her! (And somedays, that’s exactly what we do!) She loves watching Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Jr, loves trees and the outside world, loves getting out of the house, loves her swing, loves her nursery (she stares at everything!) and loves to stare at the TV which we call “the big black square!” She learned how to fake cry at 2 weeks old which is honestly the funniest thing in the world! She’s a great sleeper and only wakes up to eat! (Right now it’s about 3-6 times a night.) Her absolute favorite thing though is being held. She LOVES to be held! (You can’t put her down for anything!) I love that she loves to be held.. I get to stare and cuddle her all day long! <3 She’s been out a little bit, most recently to the swimming pool with her cousin Cruz who is just 3 weeks apart from her! She also has her very first trip coming up in 2 weeks and she’s very excited for that!

Chlo has her own look! She has her daddy’s eyes (spitting image) and my lips!.. Other than that she definitely looks like her own little person! (She kind of looks like my little brother, I need to get a good picture of them together so you guys can see!)

Having Chloé was incredible guys.. I was so worried I wouldn’t know what to do, or that I wouldn’t bond with her right away, and that I wouldn’t be a good mom.. but the second I held her, all my doubts, worries, and fears completely washed away. There’s nothing like holding your child for the first time and looking into their eyes. I don’t know what heaven is like, but to me, being able to hold and see Chloé was it. <3 Pure bliss.

3 weeks leading up to Chloé’s due date, our doctors advised me to be induced. And ASAP! You see, her head was extremely low.. hanging out in the birthing canal! I hadn’t had a single contraction (or even experienced Braxton Hicks,) and I was barely dialated, so I really didn’t want to be induced! I kept hoping my body would go into labor naturally, and didn’t schedule the induction. 1 week before Chloé’s due date it was the same story. Low head, no contractions or braxton hicks, and barely dilated to a 2. My doctor again advised me to schedule the induction, so I listened to the professional and got in on the calendar!

The night before my induction date, guess what happened? That’s right. CONTRACTIONS HAPPENED! And man they are a BEAST! (Women who give birth unmedicated, I salute you!) I won’t lie, I was a little upset I was having contractions! I felt like I finally had made a plan, and things were NOT going to plan! (It drove me crazy!)

I called the nurses about 100 times that night trying to come in. BUT, you don’t get to stay at the hospital unless you’re dilated to a 5. And I was only at a 2 24 hours ago…. there was no possible way I’d be staying.. I just knew I’d get sent home! So I waited it out.. as long as I possibly could.. I took a shower, I bugged Chase all night, a FaceTimed my sister in law, I googled how to stop contractions, I took PG on a walk, I finished packing, I jumped around to help with pain, I crawled around on the floor…. and then a nurse called from the hospital saying my doctor was there and that I could come in! YAAYY!

We got to the hospital, and I kid you not my contractions stopped. HOW EVEN?! A nurse checked to see how far I was dilated and I had gone 1 more centimeter since my last doctors appointment, which means PROGRESS! <3 They took us to our delivery room and I got my epidural (which was absolutely wonderful) and pitocin to help speed things along! For the first little while I was laying on my back which I never do because it’s soo uncomfortable to me! After a few hours of being on my back with hardly any progress, I asked chase to come help me onto my side! I immediately felt better and within an hour was dilated to a 10 + 5! (The nurse was a little wigged out to how I made so much progress in so little time!)

Our nurse told us it was time to push, and after pushing maybe 3 times, she told me to stop and ran to get the doctor! (The nurse thought she was going to slip right out! Don’t worry, she didn’t!) After about 10 more minutes of pushing, our little angel was here. Alive and well and overall perfect. <3 We honestly hadn’t decided on a name for her yet.. we had a handful of names we liked! (Lennon, Millie, Navy, etc.) Chloé was in the bunch as well! The second I looked at her, I thought she looked like a Chloé. Chases favorite name was Navy, so I didn’t tell him because I honestly didn’t want to sway him! She’s both of ours, and I wanted us both to be involved equally with naming her! An hour after she was born our doctor said we probably needed to pick a name, so I asked Chase what he thought. He said she looks like a Chloé and I was SO RELIEVED because I thought the exact same thing!

We stayed at the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights! (All 3 of us!) We wanted to leave the very next day but Chloé needed one more doctors check up, and her pediatrician is closed on the weekends so we stayed! Chloé was a CHAMP! She passed all of her tests, latched the second she touched my skin, and didn’t lose any weight which was amazing! She slept 24/7 in the hospital and had lots of family and friends around her 24/7! It was the best. I love having our loved ones close!

Coming home was the best thing ever. I hate hospitals.. and I’m such a home body! Those first few days at home with her and Chase were some of the happiest days I’ve ever experienced.

Life with Miss Chloé James has been a dream come true for Chase & I. Every day is a new adventure and we can’t wait to experience everything thats in store for us Happily Ever Allens! <3

Thanks for stopping by guys! <3 Y’all are the best!

P.s. below is some of our favorite baby items/must haves! Just click on a pic to shop an item! <3

N U R S E R E’


Interior Designer // Crib // Large Dresser + Changer // Small Dresser // Painting // Wood Shelves // Circle Mirror // Woven Light // Mobile // Framed Magnet Boards w/ Quotes // Owlet Baby Monitor // Modern Rocker // Rug // Laundry Basket // Pom Basket Set // Crib Animals // Pink Quote // Drawer Organizers // Plant Pot // Aromatherapy Humidifier // Garbage // Bows // Rainbow Print // Rainbow // Hippo 

Hey MTV welcome to our CRIB! (Baby Crib that is!) <3 Guys.. My heart is BURSTING right now! I’ve been so excited to share this post with you! Putting baby girls nursery together has been pure magic. Her room has turned into the heart of our home and I wouldn’t want it any other way! <3

Chase and I had the best time together setting up baby girls nursery! Week by week, with every piece that went up, our little one felt closer to being here. It was crazy getting everything built and put into place knowing that soon baby girl would be dwelling here. It was kind of a surreal process! We will always cherish these memories of us working on her nursery together and can barely believe that baby girl is almost here! (Any day now.. just waiting on YOU baby girl!) 

With some help from our amazing interior designer, Lexi Laycock, we decided to go with a light and airy feel in the nursery, accompanied by some fun color pops, and a little bit of class! I feel like the nursery has a few different vibes going on in it which is perfect for baby girl! With a diverse nursery like this, we’ll have the option to tweek the room to fit her personality and needs more once we get to know her! (And I love that! If we do end up changing her room, we’ll update pictures on this post!) 

When Chase and I moved into our house this passed November, we definitely invested in a handful of pieces! But with baby girls nursery, we SCORED and were able to find some amazing deals/sales on all of these pieces making the entire room incredibly affordable! For instance, this furniture set is sold at multiple stores, and you can always find them on a deal! And the trendy gold mirror and wooden shelves were each under $35.00 from target! The woven light we also  scored on sale, same with the beautiful work of wall art

Some little touches we added and love about her nursery are the drawer organizers, the live plant + pot, and the modern rocker! It made her room feel custom, fresh, and clean! <3 Everything you could hope for in a room!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with us loves! You guys are the best and WE LOVE YOU!

If you guys have any Moma tips for me, please leave a comment below! Being a first time mom, I need all the help + tips I can get! (And in all the categories!) 

P.s. below you can shop some of our favorite things we’ve ordered for our baby girl! (Including items from the nursery!) Simply click on a pic to view & shop the item! xx



Hello Momas & Momas to be! Today I’m talking about a company I love that I’ve recently become familiar with since being pregnant! Aeroflow Breastpumps! Aeroflow specializes in helping moms get their breast pump AND pregnancy and postpartum support garments (like belly bands, compression socks, and postpartum recovery garments) through insurance which is AMAZING!

I’m so grateful I found Aeroflow this pregnancy! With a new little one comes many new life necessities, and it’s not the cheapest folks! So having all the help I can get + multiple items I’ll need aside from the breast pump has been a life savor!

Getting your necessities is a piece of cake! Aeroflow takes care of the entire process, including filing the insurance claim and getting necessary documents from your doctor. All you have to do is fill out the quick and easy Qualify Through Insurance form to get started!

Aeroflow Breastpumps (aside from the incredible pump) has a wide selection of supplies and necessities for nursing Momas + Momas on the mend from birth! They have milk storage bags, nursing bras, cleaning supplies, hands free pumping bras, corsets & other body compressions, carry all bags, different pump options, and more! You can get all of these incredibly helpful (and necessary) items when you place the order for you pump!

And get this! If you don’t have insurance but do have HSA or FSA you can use them to purchase your Aeroflow Breastpump + supplies!

I looked at every pump on the market, checked them out at every store, read hundreds of reviews, and I really loved this one! It’s called the Luna! The pumping options and features are great, the design is sleek, it’s a perfect size size, had great reviews, and you can get it through your insurance! <3 

Thanks for stopping by Momas! xx If you have any questions about Aeroflow Breastpumps drop a comment below or shoot me an email by filling out my contact page! xx

H A I R M A K E O V E R W/ P A N T E N E

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene.  The opinions and text are all mine.


Hey loves! Today I'm excited to share a new product with you I've been using from Pantene! It just launched in the U.S. in January and I wish I would have known about it sooner! (It's been hiding out in Brazil!) It’s called the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots!

When my hair needs a pick me up, (and it always does as of late) I use Pantene's Sheer Volume Shampoo, and then apply the single-dose tube of the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots (instead of conditioner) from root to tips for 30 seconds, then rinse for 30 seconds, and BAM! My hair is renewed, restored, and BEAUTIFUL! It’s no wonder this product is the #1 selling new treatment in the hair care category!

Between styling my hair for shoots, pregnancy, traveling, bleaching my hair, and living in Utah's dry climate, my hair was begging for the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots! Working this product into my hair routine was easy as pie and is honestly bringing my hair back to life! Every time I use it, I look like I just walked fresh out of the salon!

All of Pantene's products have the nutrients our hair needs to be healthy and beautiful, including their Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots! In my opinion, this is their best repair product yet! It contains Pro-Vitamin B5, strengthening lipids, and natural glycerin that targets damaged hair areas giving your hair its shine, strength, and body back! It gives you a deep conditioning but rinses quickly to avoid weighing down your hair and noticeably repairs extreme hair damage! It can even turn dry, brittle hair into soft and shiny hair!

So babes, if you're looking to makeover your hair in a major way, no matter what your hair type is or what it's been through, I challenge you to try out this product! SERIOUSLY! I absolutely love it and firmly believe it can take your hair next level, just like it took mine! The Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots are available now at Target.com – see here! xx

This content is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own. xx

4 F O R V-D A Y

Hello loves! Man, it feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged! I’m so sorry guys! Pregnancy has really been kicking my butt. ): I’m glad to be back today though! I’ve missed being able to write to you guys!

Today’s post is super fun and made it just in time for VALENTINES DAY!  <3 I love love, and love Valentine’s Day! (Or any excuse to celebrate those I love!) And of course, I must get an outfit for the occasion! (;

So today, I’m sharing 4 different outfits that accommodate EVERYONE and their plans this Valentine’s Day! Wether you’re going out, staying in, or literally anything else, these 4 looks have you covered! I hope you enjoy babes!!!!


V-Day Outfit 1: Casual & Loving It

You guys know I’m all about the casual looks! This  Rose Shirt  paired with this  Denim Skirt  is the perfect casual combo! And the pop of pink is spot on for V-Day!  This shirt  has a silky soft touch and a beautiful shine to it, and I love the style of  this skirt !  I’d wear this look out on a group date, a galentines night out, or a fresh relationships first valentines day!    V-Day Outfit 2:  Cozy Night In

You guys know I’m all about the casual looks! This Rose Shirt paired with this Denim Skirt is the perfect casual combo! And the pop of pink is spot on for V-Day! This shirt has a silky soft touch and a beautiful shine to it, and I love the style of this skirt!

I’d wear this look out on a group date, a galentines night out, or a fresh relationships first valentines day!

V-Day Outfit 2: Cozy Night In


This Mauve Sweater + your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans is the look you want for a cozy night in! Cook up some dinner, turn on Netflix, cuddle up, and chill! 

This sweater is one of the softest sweaters I own! The material is almost velvety! I absolutely love it!  (truly perfect to cuddle up in!) 


V-Day Outfit 3: The Active Lovers  


This Wind Breaker right here is the perfect thing to wear for all my fitspo/active babes! You can wear this to the gym, on a run, down the slopes, rock climbing, or whatever activity you may be doing this Valentine’s Day that gets you moving! 

And ladies, if your man needs help gifting you this V-Day, let me recommend hinting this windbreaker! It’s one of my favorite pieces right now! Super cute, affordable, and also comes in a beautiful Sage color!  


V-Day Outfit 4: Night Out  


So you’re going out to celebrate! Instead of decking yourself out in pink and red glitter and hearts, might I suggest this Dress?! It’s classic, stunning, comfortable, and all around BEAUTIFUL! This dress easily dresses up or down depending on how you style it & what you pair it with! I went with a more edgy/casual look by rolling up the sleeves, not tying the waist, and wearing sharp black booties! I could easily dress it up by keeping the sleeves at full length, tying the bow, and wearing a pair of nude heels! (Some red lipstick wouldn’t hurt either!) (; 

This dress is one of my favorites in my closet right now, and it’s safe to say it’s one of Chases favorites as well! (Cough cough, the fellas dig it!)  

All 4 of these looks are from a new shop called Becks and Clive! I honestly LOVE all of their pieces! I own just about everything on their site!!!! (Don’t judge me!) <3 You can use code BRIT20 at checkout to receive 20% off your entire purchase at Becks and Clive! (That code makes every piece under $70 and CHEAPER!) Oh, and they have free shipping too! It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Thank you guys for stopping in today! I love you all and I hope you enjoyed this post! HAPPY (almost) VALENTINES DAY BABES!!!!

Also, below there’s a lil v-day gift guide! Simply click on a pic to shop an item! 

B E B E L E’ S E X E


Baby Allen is a GIRL!!!! <3 Chase and I are so excited to bring this little angel into the world! I don’t know how or why but it gets that much better once you know what you’re having! 

Chase and I had our family over over for our baby’s gender reveal and it was so much fun!

Chases brother Travis and his fiancé Charles took charge and handled every detail from food to decor, to coming with me to to the ultrasound and planning the reveal for everyone, including us! (THANK YOU TRAV & CHARLES!!!! We love you!)

I’ve been feeling kinda sick still, (pregnancy is tough guys) so I’m going to keep the post short n sweet and add some videos! First is the ultrasound where you can see baby girl perfectly, and the other is our gender reveal! ENJOY LOVES! xx  


Also, a huge shout out to my friend Natalie Mckell! She recently had a baby boy and has been my go to while being pregnant! She helped me find a doctor, helped me find prenatals to take, is always answering my pregnancy questions, and made some beautiful floral arrangements for the gender reveal and overall makes me feel like a million bucks! I love this girl! THANK YOU NAT for being such a good friend! ILYSM! 


Also, I couldn’t have a shin dig w/ out these puppies! Cupcakes from the sweet tooth fairy! They’re my absolute favorite! <3 (I ate three that night!) Safe to say baby girl is a sugar-holic just like her moma!

Also, for outfit details, Pink Dress + Turtle Neck is from Soel Boutique! (In store!) Sweater dress is from Free People! And all baby girls clothes are from The Baby Cubby! We went shopping for her the day after we found out she was a girl! The Baby Cubby is the cutest baby store, and we honestly couldn’t wait to start getting some cute baby clothes!!!!  

Thank you all for your love and support! WE LOVE YOU! xx|HEA



Large Candle // Small Candle // Reed Diffuser // Eat Beautiful Book // Summer Friday’s Mask // Cutting Board // Knit Blanket // Copper Cups // Chanel Perfume

With fall and Thanksgiving among us + Chase & I settling into our new home, it was time to bring Autumn indoors with Thymes Fragrances! Their Simmered Cider line is warm & welcoming! (Not to mention, beautiful!) Just what we needed to spice up our new home! Our new puppy PG approved too! 

This delicious aroma fills our home with a blend of freshly pressed apples, mulled with crushed clove and cardamom, and hints of bourbon while the stunning rose gold vessels play up the Autumn scene!

Our home has hints of rose gold, copper, and gold through out it, so these candles + this diffuser have been the perfect decoration to add to our growing collection of home decor! I’ve been bundling them in the center of our kitchen table on a cute cutting board, as well as placing them in the corner of our family room for a cozy looking vibe! And truth be told, I wish these photos were scratch and sniff so you could smell this Simmered Cider scent! It’s more heavenly than imaginable! 

If you’re on the hunt for an Autumn aroma or looking to spice up your home, I highly recommend Thymes Fragrances Simmered Cider line! <3 Simply click on a pic to shop the line! xx



Black Friday is HERE and I’m doing all of my shopping online at Nordstrom! Nordstrom is one of my favorite one stop shops for the entire family, you simply can’t go wrong with Nordstrom! From the hottest styles of the season, to the best in tech and beauty, Nordstrom is hard to beat! (Not to mention, free shipping, their in store/same day pick up, incredible return policy, and hot Black Friday deals!) 

I wanted to share the things I’ve been shopping for family, friends, and myself of course! (You know I can’t turn down a good Nordstrom sale! With up to 60% off select items.. I’m in heaven!) <3


My women’s picks from top to bottom from left to right are;

1.  Rails LA flannel! I love a good plaid shirt, especially this time of year!!!! Rails LA makes the softest, most beautiful flannels! I won’t buy anything else! 

2. LaMer moisturizer. If you’re not sold on this price, go to Nordstrom and ask for a sample! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! Huge game changer for your skin! One of my all time favorite products! 

3.  Uggs! They’re the most comfortable + warm shoe I own! I get a new pair every Christmas and think anybody would be stoked opening these comfy shoes on Christmas morning! Uggs are perfect for all ages! <3 

4.  Flower Bomb perfume! This is my go to for date night! It’s both me and Chases favorite scent by a landslide! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn this and been stopped in my tracks from by passers asking what perfume I’m wearing.. it’s THAT GOOD PPL!

5. A robe! Chase got me a robe last year for Christmas and I have loved and used it nearly every day since! This one comes in pink, blue, and grey, and the price is unbeatable!  

6. Another flannel from Rails LA! I just can’t get enough of these puppies!  

7. Nude lip kit from Mac! Perfect for your beauty babe or anyone who might want to subtly spice up their holiday look! Nude lips are where it’s at right now, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon! This is a perfect gift with an even more perfect price!  

8. T3 Micro Whirl Trio! This is the curling wand I use for my hair every single day! Not only is it sleek and beautiful, but it works like a charm and holds curls all day! This is a must have item for me, and it should be for you too considering it’s on sale for Black Friday! 

9. Dior lip glow! (Pictured above with my favorite things!) This is a tinted lip balm that’s perfectly pink and goes smooth onto the lips! Great color and super hydrating! I use this stuff daily! (It also comes in multiple colors!)


For the men in our lives I have some good picks too! All approved by Chase + on his wish list! 

1. Movado watch! Bold, sleek, and stunning. A perfect piece for any man this holiday! And you can’t beat the price tag on it either! A STEAL!

2. Nike hoodie. Comes in black + green! Classic and cozy at its finest! (And you know it looks good on the fellas!)

3. Black Theory shirt. Theory is a favorite brand of ours! They’re clothing line is luxurious and timeless. You will never wear out of a shirt like this, nor will it go out of style! A perfect staple that every man should have in his closet! 

4. Billabong pullover! Keep warm + stylish this season guys! Chase loves the camo pocket detail!

5. Acqua Di Gio cologne! This is in both Chase & my top 3 scents for guys! You simply can’t beat a deal on one of the finest colognes out there! 

6. Nordstrom Gift Card!!!! Not only for the men, but anyone in your life who you aren’t quite sure what to get OR does better gift picking themselves! I’ve already purchased a handful of these this morning! You can’t go wrong with gift cards, ESPECIALLY from NORDSTROM!  

I hope these holiday picks from Nordstrom can help make your holiday shopping a little better + brighter! These picks are on sale until Monday the 26th, then they hop back to regular price! ACT NOW LOVES! Happy shopping my loves, and Happy Holidays!!!! <3 

B E’ B E’


Guys, WE MADE DIS! <3 Baby Allen coming early June! We could not be more excited!!!! 

We had our first doctors appointment yesterday and everything went great! The doctor told us we’re 9 weeks along and all looks well! We were able to see the heartbeat which was absolutely incredible! Chase even started tearing up a bit, he’s already the best dad!

Truth be told, Chase has been ready to be a dad since the day we met! It was me that needed more time! I’ve always been terrified of giving birth and all the pain/complications that may come along with it, but this past year they’ve all faded away and I’ve felt strong and SO READY to start this journey! 

I’ve been pretty sick the last 2 months, but I can’t complain! I know so many women who have it 100 times worse than I do! So I’m extremely grateful and counting my blessings! (Also, shout out to all you working moms! I work from home and have been struggling SO BAD! I have a whole new appreciation for working women + moms. You ladies are the real MVPs!) 

My diet has changed so much in the last two months! I used to love eating healthy foods like spinach, avocado, broccoli, berries, and fish! Now I’m living off of sugared cereal and gluten free pizza! That’s about all that sounds good/doesn’t make me gag! I’m hoping in a couple weeks once we’re out of the first trimester, things start getting back to normal! 

Aside from my diet completely changing, some of the biggest challenges/changes I’ve experienced are constantly being tired/not sleeping well at night, and being “backed up.” It takes me days on end before I’m able to go to the bathroom! It’s awful. Nothing makes me feel more sick! TMI I know, but I wanted to share this in case anyone has some tips or tricks for me! If you do, PLZ SEND EM MY WAY!!!! <3 


We’ve had a lot of questions asking if this was planned and the answer is, kind of! We wanted to start trying this October, so we were truly over the moon when we found out! It was such a happy day! Neither of us really believed our eyes! We took 3 preganacy tests before we believed we’re actually pregnant! I always thought I’d tell Chase in a really cute and creative way that we’re pregnant, but it just didn’t turn out that way! Same with our family! We wanted to tell them all in a cute way, but it just didn’t happen! (SORRY FAM!) 

We’ve also been asked if we think it’s a boy or a girl! If we could choose, we’d love a boy first, but I have a hunch it’s a girl! And honestly, either way, we will be so so happy! Just hoping the baby is healthy, nothing else matters! We have names picked out for both genders, but we’ve been referring to the baby as “squish” and “chickie nug.” <3


Taking these pictures at the beach and visiting the doctor yesterday made everything feel so REAL. There’s been so much love felt, especially in these moments!  


So little “squish,” here’s to YOU! We are so excited to be your mommy and daddy! You are already SO LOVED and we can’t wait to meet you!  

xx| Mum & Dad



Couch // Light (similar) // Coffee Table (similar // Rug (similar) // Coffe Table Book

Ever since we started building our home,  we’ve been on the hunt for the best furniture we can possibly find! (We’re officially all things house obsessed!)  

We scored when we found this beautiful modern couch from Burrow! We ordered this couch recently and it was shipped to our house in no time! Our Burrow was easy to set up, it’s comfortable, durable, and dang affordable! (They also offer financing on it through affirm!)

The thing we love very most about Burrows couches is you can easily switch the chaise to either end of the couch, and add or takeaway pieces! We haven’t found many couches like this on the market! You always have to select which side the chaise is on, but not with Burrow! This is perfect for us while we’re in the transitional stage of building and adding to our home collection!

We went with their Chaise King Sofa model and highly recommend it! In fact, we’re thibking about adding an arm chair and ottoman to complete the collection! 

Burrows come in a handful of sizes and shades, and there’s a few different options to tweek them to your ideal perfection! (Like the color of the legs, height on arm rests, etc!) We are excited to play around with this couch in our new home and see which way will look and fit best! 

Thanks for tuning in guys! Now, excuse us while we get our Netflix and chill on! xx

P.s. You can shop items we love for home down below! (Some of these we have already purchased! Any guesses on which ones?!) Simply click on a picture to shop an item! 

N Y F W 1 8


Star Bag // Red Backpack // Black Booties // Red Boots // Combat Boots // Yellow Corduroy Jacket // Yellow Corduroy Skirt // White Tee // Black Denim Jumpsuit // Leopard Top // Jeans // Black Belt

HEY FAM! xx LONG TIME NO SEE EH?! I’m so glad to be back blogging again <3 it’s been a hot minute! I’ve been sick for nearly a month with heaven knows what.. some strange cold that I can’t kick but it’s starting to clear up finally! Shout out to my immune system for finally pulling through! (;

ANYWAYS, I’m not here to tell you about my nasty cold or give you excuses as to why I’ve been mia on the blog. I’m here to talk about NYFW!

NYFW is truly the most wonderful time of the year! It’s magic! You go to the city and see the prettiest clothes that will be coming out soon, you see your friends, your favorite designer, your favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram, your favorite model, even your favorite celebrity! EVERYONE’S THERE ALL TOGETHER AND ITS CRAZY! Especially for a small town country girl like me! It will never stop blowing my mind! (I remember last year passing Gigi Hadid as well as Aimee Song from Song of Style just walking down the street! Only in NY!)

You eat the best food, have access to the best shopping, hit the coolest events and parties, you watch the city start to turn gold with the leaves changing, you see the coolest trends and styles all over the runways and street, and experience a culture like no where else. Or at least like no where I’ve been before! 

If you haven’t been and have the opportunity sometime, GO! I promise, there’s nothing like it! And if you’re a first timer, I have a New York Travel Guide HERE! It goes over places to stay, discounts, where to eat, and MORE!  

Kk let’s get back to Fashion Week! This year I packed some outfits that were a more forward/stylish than my regular everyday wear, but not too far off! I love to dress casual and comfortable no matter the occasion! It’s just me! I did however spice up my accessories! My bags and shoes from Botkier were for sure the hottest items I sported! Good accessories are EVERYTHING! They can make or break an outfit, and they can make or break your time in the city!

In the city, once you’re out for the day you’re out! You can’t run back to your car and grab something, and you don’t want to lug around a duffel bag or suitcase all day. Finding a good bag for your things and good shoes for walking miles on end is a nessecity in the city! For me in the past they’ve been difficult to find, but it was easy with Botkier! Their entire line is fashionable, functionable, affordable, and versatile! PERFECT FOR NYFW!

It rained the entire time we were in the city, and honestly not one bag or shoe was ruined! The rain didn’t leak through my bag or shoes either, A SCORE! (Your accessories could never!) 

Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items from Botkier! (Including my bags & shoes pictured above!) Simply click on a picture to shop an item! 

Thanks for stopping by guys! It’s good to be back! xx

P.s. If you guys have any questions about the city, traveling, or anything AT ALL, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! xx

S T O R M E:


Her Tee White // Her Tee Black // Her Jacket // Her Jeans // Her Boots // Her Necklaces // His Shirt // His Jeans // His Boots

Hello loves & happy Monday!  

Man, can you believe it’s almost the end of July? WE CANT! This month went by so fast! 

Speaking of July ending, something else ends soon after July’s over! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s over on August 6th, and we think you need to get your hands on some of the #Nsale goods while you can!!!! 

We both went a little crazy with the sale this year, but how could we not?! With prices like $11.00 for staple tees, or $45.00 for Nike tech hoodies, WE HAD TO!  

You can shop all of our sale picks below for both the ladies + the gents! <3 Simply click on a pic to shop an item! If it says “out of stock” type the item into the search bar on Nordstrom.Com! They usually have restocks! 

See you later loves! HAPPY SHOPPING! xx

N S A L E 1 8

Her Tank  //  Her Jeans  //  Her Sneakers  //  Her Self Tanner  //  His Shirt  //  His Jeans  //  His Oxfords  // ** more pics at the bottom of this post!

Her Tank // Her Jeans // Her Sneakers // Her Self Tanner // His Shirt // His Jeans // His Oxfords // ** more pics at the bottom of this post!

Hello loves! xx Today we’re sharing our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks with you! WELCOME TO CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!! <3 

Below you’ll find our male & female picks from the #NSale at the most killer deals! Simply click on a pic to shop an item! Each item will show you the sale price, and the after sale price! Items tend to go fast since they’re at such a heckova deal.. so we recommend shopping NOW!

To shop the sale today, you must have a Nordstrom card! If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, you can wait until the 20th when the sale goes open to the public, ORR apply/get a Nordstrom card today HERE!  

If you guys have any questions about our picks, the #NSale, or anything else, drop a comment on this post and we’ll get back to you!  

Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY SHOPPING! xx 


M E K: U P +


Dress // Sandals // Necklace // Earrings // Self Tanner // Lipstick // Magnetic Lashes

Hey babes! Below is EVERYTHING I use from skin care to makeup to tools to hair products! All you have to do is click on a pic to shop an item! These are all items I SWEAR BY! (I would die without them.. and probably look like a toad hahaa!)

In the past I’ve written out why I love the products I use, but I’m not going to do that today. Why? Because I’m FINALLY working on a video so I can SHOW + TELL you how to apply/style and why I loovvee these products! 

Honest truth, all of these products are SOLID GOLD! If you’re buying any new beauty products, don’t you dare get it unless it’s on this list! TRUST ME BABES! 

P.s If there’s a product you love/swear by, tell me by leaving a comment below! I would love to order it and try it out for myself! And if it’s good, Imma add it to this list! 

P.p.s If you have any questions about any of these products, you can also drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you!  

S O. U T


Cream Romper // Colorful Striped Dress // Gingham Dress // Navy Blue Dress // Graphic Tee // Denim Shorts // Bandana // Red + Pink Tassle Earrings // Blue + Green Tassle Earrings // Necklace // Sandals // Scalloped Espadrilles // Converse // Green Handbag // Mini Backpack // Wooden Bag // Self Tanner

Your personal guide to southern Utah is HERE! <3 We’re letting you know the best places to stay, where to find the best grub, what to pack, what activities to do, and all the other goods you need to know!  ENJOY GUYS! xx

Stay: Our favorite places to stay are Entrada, Inn on the Cliff, Sports Village, or Las Palmas! Entrada is our favorite, but it’s also the priciest! We recommend Entrada for a special occasion or romantic getaway! For something family & budget friendly we recommend Sports Village or Las Palmas!  

Eat: There’s definitely more chains in this area than most, but a few of the locally owned spots are beyond drool worthy! Our favorites are Anasazi Grill, the restaurant at The Inn on the Cliff, Pizza + Pasta Factory, Poncho Leftys, Freddy’s, Croshaw Pies, & 25 Main!

Pack: Light, airy, & comfy clothing is the only way to go in Southern Utah! It’s so dang hot, you have to dress accordingly! I did some shopping before we left at Vici Collection and got everything for my trip from clothes to accessories from their store! Everything was under $50.00, and I used my discount code BRIT20 to get 20% off my entire purchase! Vici had some super cute graphic tees and light weight tee shirts, tons of beautiful airy dresses, swim cover ups, rompers, denim shorts, sandals, the whole she-bang! 10/10 would recommend checking Vici Collection out before you head of town/need a new outfit for something! <3 We also recommend packing sunscreen, a swimsuit, & some hiking clothes & shoes! 

Play: Southern Utah Is jam packed with activities, but you have to get outdoors! Our favorite things to do are hike at Zions, (angels landing is our favorite hike) visit Dixie rock, (get to the beautiful red rock with no hiking at all) golf, (our favorite courses are Coral Canyon, Entrada, and Sandhallow) visit Pine Valley, Snow Canyon state park, visit Towne Square Park, (splash pad & carousel for kids) swim/boat, (local pool or Sandhallow) Helicopter rides over Zion, Veyo pool, & play pickle ball or tennis! (There are courts everywhere!)

Need to know(s): If you stay at any of the resorts listed above, you’ll be about an hour and a half out of Las Vegas! If you want to shop, go straight to Vegas! Southern Utah has horrible shopping.  

Usually Southern Utah is fairly warm in the winter, but it’s been getting snow the last few years! If you want to hit the outdoor stuff, go before December!  

There’s a billion more things to do here (especially when it comes to hiking) but in this post we wanted to give you everything. Not just the hikes! However, if you’re wanting a full blown hiking experience, we recommend staying in Zion and looking up some of the hikes to see what’s best for you/your family! 

If you guys have any questions about vacationing in Southern Utah, shoot us an email! Or if you have something to add to this list that you love, leave a comment below! We’d love to add to this list! <3 

We hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks for the love guys! xx



L A’ A U



Swimsuit // Top // Sandals // Hat // Necklace // Earrings // Self Tanner

Enjoying the heat in southern Utah this week! I don’t remember it being this hot ever.. it’s been 110 day in and day out!  

Luckily for me, I packed this sun hat and a handful of cute swimsuits from Lulus! (This orange one is my favorite! I love the low back and the lacing detail!)  

Also, my Self Tanner has been pulling through for me! I haven’t been wearing any sunscreen, (just applying this South Seas Tanner,)  and I haven’t gotten burned yet! 10/10 would recommend this Self Tanner! I’m telling you, it’s my favorite! 

Thanks for stopping by beauties! xx And thank you Lulus for sponsoring this post!  


G A R D N:



Top // Skirt // Heels // Bag // Necklace // Earrings // Belt // Lipstick

Hello lovelies! xx

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit MIA! Last week Chase and I both got sick with heaven knows what.. and on top of that we’ve been mad planning/designing our new home! Life is busy but wonderful! 

Now that the house is underway, we can get back to some traveling! This week we head to Southern Utah and we’re SOO looking forward to it! We’ll be putting together a Southern Utah blog post sometime next week so stay tuned! It should be a good one! We also might be headed to Peru, Cabo, and Yellow Stone next month! (We haven’t decided who what where when quite yet though, but we’ll keep you updated!) 

Home is beautiful at the moment. This dream garden is right down the road from where we currently live and I’ve been dying to snap some pictures in front of it! This cute outfit from Lulus completes the scene of you ask me! Such a whimsical scene!

I love this skirt. It’s trendy, but has a style of its own! This top is all things frilly and girly and good! The fit and shape of the top combined with the skirt is very slimming. I think this is my new go to outfit this summer!

What are your plans for the rest of summer?! Leave a comment below, I want to know! 

Thanks for tuning in loves! xx And thank you Lulus for sponsoring this post!