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Hey MTV welcome to our CRIB! (Baby Crib that is!) <3 Guys.. My heart is BURSTING right now! I’ve been so excited to share this post with you! Putting baby girls nursery together has been pure magic. Her room has turned into the heart of our home and I wouldn’t want it any other way! <3

Chase and I had the best time together setting up baby girls nursery! Week by week, with every piece that went up, our little one felt closer to being here. It was crazy getting everything built and put into place knowing that soon baby girl would be dwelling here. It was kind of a surreal process! We will always cherish these memories of us working on her nursery together and can barely believe that baby girl is almost here! (Any day now.. just waiting on YOU baby girl!) 

With some help from our amazing interior designer, Lexi Laycock, we decided to go with a light and airy feel in the nursery, accompanied by some fun color pops, and a little bit of class! I feel like the nursery has a few different vibes going on in it which is perfect for baby girl! With a diverse nursery like this, we’ll have the option to tweek the room to fit her personality and needs more once we get to know her! (And I love that! If we do end up changing her room, we’ll update pictures on this post!) 

When Chase and I moved into our house this passed November, we definitely invested in a handful of pieces! But with baby girls nursery, we SCORED and were able to find some amazing deals/sales on all of these pieces making the entire room incredibly affordable! For instance, this furniture set is sold at multiple stores, and you can always find them on a deal! And the trendy gold mirror and wooden shelves were each under $35.00 from target! The woven light we also  scored on sale, same with the beautiful work of wall art

Some little touches we added and love about her nursery are the drawer organizers, the live plant + pot, and the modern rocker! It made her room feel custom, fresh, and clean! <3 Everything you could hope for in a room!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with us loves! You guys are the best and WE LOVE YOU!

If you guys have any Moma tips for me, please leave a comment below! Being a first time mom, I need all the help + tips I can get! (And in all the categories!) 

P.s. below you can shop some of our favorite things we’ve ordered for our baby girl! (Including items from the nursery!) Simply click on a pic to view & shop the item! xx



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I’m so grateful I found Aeroflow this pregnancy! With a new little one comes many new life necessities, and it’s not the cheapest folks! So having all the help I can get + multiple items I’ll need aside from the breast pump has been a life savor!

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Aeroflow Breastpumps (aside from the incredible pump) has a wide selection of supplies and necessities for nursing Momas + Momas on the mend from birth! They have milk storage bags, nursing bras, cleaning supplies, hands free pumping bras, corsets & other body compressions, carry all bags, different pump options, and more! You can get all of these incredibly helpful (and necessary) items when you place the order for you pump!

And get this! If you don’t have insurance but do have HSA or FSA you can use them to purchase your Aeroflow Breastpump + supplies!

I looked at every pump on the market, checked them out at every store, read hundreds of reviews, and I really loved this one! It’s called the Luna! The pumping options and features are great, the design is sleek, it’s a perfect size size, had great reviews, and you can get it through your insurance! <3 

Thanks for stopping by Momas! xx If you have any questions about Aeroflow Breastpumps drop a comment below or shoot me an email by filling out my contact page! xx