First trip as a family of three officially in the books! We took Chloé James to the city, it’s one of our very favorite places! Nothing really compares to New York City!

When booking this trip, Chase and I thought carefully about what we’d be doing and where we’d be staying in the city with a 2 month old baby girl! (We didn’t want her getting sick or too hot!) We found the PERFECT hotel to stay at though, the Intercontinental Barclay! It’s right on the line of being in mid town & the upper east side, so CLEAN! Our room was spacious and big! Much bigger than any room we’ve ever stayed in while in the city! (It was really clean and smelled amazing too!) The Intercontinental Barclay had a beautiful, spacious lobby with food right off to the side, a continental breakfast with all the options, and an enormous crystal chandelier that Chloé James loved to gaze at! (It was so cute!) The staff was incredibly helpful and so so kind! They always said hello to Chloé, helped us with our bags & stroller, and even got the elevator for us! (Talk about going the extra mile!) This hotel is also dog friendly! We thought about bringing PG with us but ultimately opted out considering it was our first time flying and traveling with a baby!

I’m not even going to lie to you guys.. I miss their bathroom! It was so beautiful! It had the prettiest sink, marble countertops, the cutest subway tile, and a mirror perfectly lit to get glammed up! #TakeMeBack! If you’re wanting to visit the city, Chase & I both highly recommend this hotel! Between the incredible staff, perfect location, and spacious suite, it was a 10/10 for us Happily Ever Allens!

Seeing Chloé in the city was honestly the cutest thing ever! You don’t see many babies in New York, so everyone who saw her lit up and smiled! She brought joy to so many New Yorkers! Chloé enjoyed Central Park, soho, the Brooklyn bridge, cab rides, lots of naps, and of course her stay at the Intercontinental Barclay! She also brought some zzz’s to the city that never sleeps! Poor baby girl was so tired! She’s little enough that she can snooze anywhere right now so Chase & I lucked out!

Where should we go next?! Drop a comment below!

Thanks for looking in our first trip as a family of 3! <3 If you want our full NYC HACKS & TRAVEL GUIDE, click HERE! We have previous blog post that we still swear by! xx

N Y F W 1 8


Star Bag // Red Backpack // Black Booties // Red Boots // Combat Boots // Yellow Corduroy Jacket // Yellow Corduroy Skirt // White Tee // Black Denim Jumpsuit // Leopard Top // Jeans // Black Belt

HEY FAM! xx LONG TIME NO SEE EH?! I’m so glad to be back blogging again <3 it’s been a hot minute! I’ve been sick for nearly a month with heaven knows what.. some strange cold that I can’t kick but it’s starting to clear up finally! Shout out to my immune system for finally pulling through! (;

ANYWAYS, I’m not here to tell you about my nasty cold or give you excuses as to why I’ve been mia on the blog. I’m here to talk about NYFW!

NYFW is truly the most wonderful time of the year! It’s magic! You go to the city and see the prettiest clothes that will be coming out soon, you see your friends, your favorite designer, your favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram, your favorite model, even your favorite celebrity! EVERYONE’S THERE ALL TOGETHER AND ITS CRAZY! Especially for a small town country girl like me! It will never stop blowing my mind! (I remember last year passing Gigi Hadid as well as Aimee Song from Song of Style just walking down the street! Only in NY!)

You eat the best food, have access to the best shopping, hit the coolest events and parties, you watch the city start to turn gold with the leaves changing, you see the coolest trends and styles all over the runways and street, and experience a culture like no where else. Or at least like no where I’ve been before! 

If you haven’t been and have the opportunity sometime, GO! I promise, there’s nothing like it! And if you’re a first timer, I have a New York Travel Guide HERE! It goes over places to stay, discounts, where to eat, and MORE!  

Kk let’s get back to Fashion Week! This year I packed some outfits that were a more forward/stylish than my regular everyday wear, but not too far off! I love to dress casual and comfortable no matter the occasion! It’s just me! I did however spice up my accessories! My bags and shoes from Botkier were for sure the hottest items I sported! Good accessories are EVERYTHING! They can make or break an outfit, and they can make or break your time in the city!

In the city, once you’re out for the day you’re out! You can’t run back to your car and grab something, and you don’t want to lug around a duffel bag or suitcase all day. Finding a good bag for your things and good shoes for walking miles on end is a nessecity in the city! For me in the past they’ve been difficult to find, but it was easy with Botkier! Their entire line is fashionable, functionable, affordable, and versatile! PERFECT FOR NYFW!

It rained the entire time we were in the city, and honestly not one bag or shoe was ruined! The rain didn’t leak through my bag or shoes either, A SCORE! (Your accessories could never!) 

Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items from Botkier! (Including my bags & shoes pictured above!) Simply click on a picture to shop an item! 

Thanks for stopping by guys! It’s good to be back! xx

P.s. If you guys have any questions about the city, traveling, or anything AT ALL, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! xx