Dress // Earrings // Tan // Lipstick // Finca // Photog: Ashlee Brooke

Growing up, I HATED school dances! I loved dancing!.. But I hated getting ready, wearing a fancy dress, and trying to make everyone's night perfect.. it was too much pressure and hype for one night!  

5 years down the road and I finally feel like I want to go to prom! (& excited to go!) Unfortunately for me, that time is LONG GONE! But it isn't for all of you! I have a few tips and tricks I want to share with you all regarding your prom night, a night out, or a fancy date! These are things I wish someone would have told me when I was younger, and I hope they can help you in one way or another! 

Tip Numero Uno: Be Your Self. Don't have someone do your hair and makeup, don't throw glitter all over yourself, don't act like anyone else.. Just Be You. You're going to feel a lot better (and a whole lot more comfortable) if you stay true to you!  (Not to mention, your date will appreciate it.) I can't tell you how many times I tried to get ready and overdid it. And my date was terrified of me. I'm not even sure if he recognized me! Not only was it weird for my date, but for me as well! I didn't feel or look like myself which put me in an awkward funk.

2: If you must do something to change your appearance, get a spray tan! Not a tanning bed tan, a spray or self tan! Tanning beds are so bad for you.. stay far away from that crap. I use multiple self tanners for shoots and have 3 favorites! My very favorite is Mystic Tans instant tan! It sprays on easily and doesn't look orange or fake. I also like these self tanning wipes and this self tanning mouse. I switch off between all of these products! (Having the self tanner on your face will also make your makeup look AMAZING! It glows through!) 

3: Keep it simple & don't break your bank! Simplicity is classic. If you're looking for simple dresses, I love a handful at Rachel Allan! (That's where this emerald dress is from!) I wish I would have known about Rachel Allan when I was in high school. My family didn't have enough money for me to buy a prom dress, (or any dress for that matter) but the Rachel Allan dresses are much more affordable than other brands I've seen! And if you can afford dresses for every dance, keep in mind you're only going to wear the dress once!.. Do you really need a $3000.00 dress that will sit in your closet for the rest of forever?.... 

4: Have FUN! Don't overthink the date.. It's supposed to be FUN, not perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect no matter how hard you try or how much you want it to be. You're young, so enjoy the moment and have a blast with your friends! 

5: Have an emergency bag. Phone, keys, Advil, pads, band aids, lip gloss, powder, pony tail holder, q-tips, treats, gum, phone charger, and something to change into. (Am I forgetting anything?.... Feel free to add to that list!) You never know what might happen while you're out, and it always pays off to be prepared! I've gotten blisters and needed a band aid, I've cried and needed q-tips to help clean up the mess, I've started my period in a dress that wasn't even MINE, (That was by far the worst!) and I got stuck in my dress watching a movie while everyone else was snuggled up in pajamas. Guys, make an emergency bag! I promise it will make your night so much better! 

6: Don't feel pressured to kiss your date. Don't let your mom pressure you, your friends, or your date. So what if they're taking you out on a nice date.. you do not owe them anything but a genuine thank you! 

7: Anndd if you do want to kiss your date, GO FOR IT! Don't be scared! They asked you for a reason.. even if you're just friends. If you had a good time, and are feeling it, I'd say go for it! I had a date that I really wanted to kiss, but I was way too afraid. He was one of my best friends and I didn't want anything to happen to our friendship. For almost a year after our date, I regretted not giving him a kiss. Now obviously this doesn't matter anymore (cause I've found my Prince Charming and he's everything to me) but it won't hurt you to go out of your way and make a move. It will only make you stronger! 

8: Wear comfortable shoes, wear a bra that won't fall off, and wear underwear that doesn't show through your dress.  Speaking from experience here people. 

9: If you must practice your dance moves, I'd suggest watching Napoleon Dynamite. It's the only dance worth memorizing. 

10: Love yourself.  

Love your heart, your head, your body, your face, and your life. Prom is one night.. You are eternal. Don't lose sight of that. 

Anndd 11: If you need a date, I'll totally go with you.