This is a bunch of Jiberish….

No literally though. It’s all Jiberish.

Let’s go back in time to when I was 17 years old. August weekend, and my family was in Park City celebrating my dads birthday. 

My brothers and I grew bored of the “Park Silly” sale, so we began to roam the shops on  main. Near the top of the street, there is an actual Gypsy who works and tell fortunes. (From what I understand, she’s some type of spiritual healer.) Anyways, I built up the courage to go in (I had wanted to for years) and she was out of town doing gypsy things in California. ):

Feeling even more bored and also a little sad, I turned to walk away when a store caught my eye. I’d never seen it before, and it looked modern & clean inside. 

I went in knowing the clothing would eaqually be as modern & clean as the store, and I was excited to shop around!…. 10 seconds later I realized it was a men’s clothing store.. (Gah) And even though I couldn’t wear it, my brothers sure could! 

They loved the store as much as I did! And before we left PC they each got a couple of things from this store! I kept trying to figure out what it was called (The font on the door was Funky) but after getting the bags from their shop, it was easy to see that their store was called Jiberish! 

Anytime I’d go on a date up to PC, I’d go show my date the cool bro-tique I knew about. Needless to say, I’ve converted a handful of friends over to this amazing store. 

The first time Chase & I went up to PC, I took him here and he was immediately in love. Jiberish has become not only one of my favorite men’s brands, but Chase & my brothers as well! 

Jiberish is more of a low key store. They like being that way. They know what they have is gold, and they don’t see a need to flaunt it. Lucky for them, I’ll gladly flaunt it hahaa! I feel like this shop is too good not to know about! Especially when there’s one in Utah!

I can honestly say every guy that I know who has been in Jiberish loves it. Jiberish has amazing quality, a variety of styles, and a fair price range. Guys, you absolutely must go check out the vault. And ladies, if you want your man to up in style points, go check out the vault! 

Jiberish also has a deal going on right now where if you spend $100 online, you get a $25 gift card. I feel like we should all go take advantage of that. Like now. Byyee.

*All clothing is from Jiberish





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