Heeyy BB’s <3 I’m SO excited to share my weekend at The Grand America with you all! This is one of the most luxurious hotels Utah has to offer. If you haven’t had the pleasure of staying at The Grand, I hope this post can take you there! <3 

Let’s start with the view (: 

I stayed on the 22nd floor, and could see the entire city! Looking down and around was a treat all in itself! 

This is the yard in the middle of the hotel. The hotel walls reach all the way around the yard, it’s breathtaking. I could stare at this all day <3
Down in the yard is equally as dreamy..

Breakfast & my city view = heart eye emojis

The rooms are absolutely darling! They have the most un city like vibe about them, which I love! The floral carpet, the colored wall paper, and the pink pillows/furniture give you a feeling like you’re in a princess room! 

(Don’t mind the piece of chocolate on my bed) (; 

Peeks of floral carpet through these little plates of heaven! 

Bathroom. I could live in here. 

And if I’m being honest. I practically did live in the bathroom over the weekend! I bought a new line of hair and smelly good products called Mermaid Perfume and I played with it ALL WEEKEND LONG! 

Are you seeing the wallpaper? And the Mermaid perfume line? GAH CUTEST

I’m in love with my Mermaid Perfume! I’m perfume obsessed and this is a perfect addition to my collection! I snagged it from Anthropologie and it made its way to my house the day I left to Salt Lake!

&& these little guys make my hair so shiny and clean! Amazing smell & perfect size for travel! I got them just in time (: 

I’ve used the Shampoo and Conditioner three times so far and I’ve loved them! My first use was at the grand because I got a little too much chlorine in my hair from the pool! 

Speaking of pool….

I could stay here all day long. Sun. Shade. Piña coladas by the dozen. And quiet enough to read. 

Why is pool food so good?! I need a day once a week to go relax at the pool with my piña  colada and chips and queso! And the burger…. And the fruit platter…….. Hahaa 

Another pool that The Grand has is the indoor/spa pool. 

Incredible, isn’t it?! 

I went to the spa twice while I was there, I can never get enough of steam showers or saunas! 

Chilled shower is gorge

Robe & slippers are too cute!

Womens lounge.

Besides the pool and spa, my other favorite things about The Grand is their Sweet Shop and their toy store! 

The sweet shop (La Bonne Vie) had me hooked since I was 16! Their macaroons are absolutely insane! 

This little beauty was sent up to my room from La Bonne Vie! This is a chocolate moose and macaroon cake! (Complete with chocolate dome)…. (And edible specks of gold) WHAT?! 

The toy store (Jou Jou) is right around the corner from La Bonne Vie, this is a child’s heaven! 

(But are you seeing that candy?!) 

This hotel is stunning in every way. Many people in Utah like to come visit the lobby in the afternoons for Tea or to listen to the live music playing. 

Personally I’m a fan of the Sunday brunch. All you can eat + blue grass = yes please! 

Fresh flowers in the lobby? Of course.

Can I just live here?….

Every inch of The Grand America is heaven on earth. If you haven’t had the pleasure of staying there yet, GET ON IT! I can’t think of a more beautiful, relaxing place to spend a couple days at! 

Thanks for reading guys <3 You’re all so good to me! I hope you enjoyed this glimpse at the grand! xx|BA 

* Outfit details listed below! 


1. | PLAY SUIT: Flynnskye | HEELS: Nisolo | CLUTCH: Nordstrom | BRACELETS: Alex & Ani | 

2. | SWIM COVER: Hale Bob | HEELS: Chinese Laundry | PINK SHADES: Tory Burch | 


4. | 2 PIECE DRESS: Skaira | 


6. | DRESS: Maggy London | WEDGES: Chinese Laundry | WATCH: Marc Jacobs | SUNGLASSES: Rayban |