HEY MY PEEPS! AHHH sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted! New York got biz-zay! Anndd the Wifi was horrible! TOO MANY PEOPLE!

Are you ready to hear about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?! (: And all of the craziness that happened on my trip?! Good, because you’re GETTIN it!

My first day on this journey consisted of flights, sleeping, checking out the city, and shopping in Soho!

My friend and I stayed at the Empire Hotel (gossip girl hotel) and it was the absolute best place to stay for fashion week! The Lincoln center and tents were 20 steps out of the lobby! I was so grateful that our hotel was so close to everything! It made walking in the cold so much easier!

Day 1 Pics (:

Where the magic happens (:

My home for the week!

My boo Jessa & I being girly in Sephora! If you added me on snapchat during the trip, you saw a lot of her!

My second day in the city was day one of shows! I went to two shows and it was so cool to see how it all works!

My first show was Mark & Estel, and it was honestly the best way to kick off Fashion week! They were so good to me. They gave me an amazing front row seat to the show, sweetest goodie bag, and they even scheduled me for a fitting (which I missed and felt horrible about..) But honestly, as a new blogger & a baby blogger, they made me feel important and apart of the industry! I loved them, and their show couldn’t have been more fun! Mark and Estel put on a rock concert at the end of their show! Hahaa it was so strange but they are both so artistic and rad that it worked!

My next show was simply gorgeous.. Monique Lhuilier! She had some of the prettiest beading & gowns I had ever seen.. Her models had a really fun runway to walk on and it was cool to see how she styled the walking/positioning for her show! Everything about it was dreamy and unique!

The looks for both of these shows were completely different. Mark & Estel’s was very street and almost grunge, while Monique Lhuilier’s was elegant, classy, and over the top fancy!

Pre Show!

Mark & Estel Models

I wish you could see this better.. Beautiful gold chaining on this jacket! It was to die for!

THEE Mark & Estel Rock Concert Mid Runway Hahaa!

Fin of M & E

Monique Lhulier Army

These models had the most beautiful gowns.. The lights were so bright and the gowns were so shiny that it’s hard to get a good pic of them! Sorry guys!

Walking down the runway and posing onto the stairs.. This was so entertaining to watch!

Valentine’s Day was next & I took a break from all things fashion and did the touristy things! I checked out Times Square, the Empire State Building, a cute lil German restaurant, and almost the Brooklyn bridge! I say almost because I was so cold and couldn’t stay outside any longer! (Hahaa seriously I’m the biggest baby) I loved seeing the city.. But honestly, it wasn’t what I expected it to be. I always imagined New York being glamorous, but it’s actually a really fast paced, dirty city. There was trash all over the roads, everything is old, and the poverty was breaking my heart..

I thought I would be obsessed with the city, but I wasn’t really into it until the next day!

Here are my day 3 super touristy pics!

Times Square (: people were getting married all over the street because it was V-Day! Hahaa

On top of the Empire State building! There were also people getting married up here…. hahaa! It was the most amazing view of the city from up here.. I loved it.

I got lost on the subway, but found this gorgeousness..

Day 4 had me falling in love with NY.. My friend & I went 10 minutes outside of the city and it was quiet, clean, unique, and romantic. There were gorgeous structured buildings and apartments there, and unique salons and shops. Kind of what I would imagine Paris to look like! I could have stayed there forever.. I immediately wanted to move there and never leave!

That night I had a few shows! I attended Hendrik Vermeulen, Rozalia Bot, Landi Accessories, & Antonio Urzi’!

The Landi Accessories & Antonio Urzi shows were the most unique shows I have ever seen! For the Landi Accessories show, the models were both male and female, and splattered with paint. It was so cool to see the way it was styled.. The accessories were the only things not covered in paint, they were gorgeous and really stood out!

The Antonio Urzi show was insane.. The only way I could describe it is human gladiator gods and goddesses walking down the runway. Full on metal suits, dresses, helmets, and more. He has designed pieces worn by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and more. So you KNOW his pieces were killer!

Half way through his show, a man came out with a prosthetic leg matching his metal costume. And after him, a girl with a prosthetic arm matching her dress, and after that, models in wheel chairs which their chairs matching their insane costumes. It was so cool.. And it really made a fashion statement. Scratch that. It made a statement. To everyone. It was amazing to see.. This was my favorite show I attended.

The cute and quiet side (:

Little apartments! They were adorable….

Near death experiences in the taxi calls for a pic!

Antonio Urzi kick off.. These girls acted as guards for the runway.. It was so cool!

Landi Accessories

I have no idea why my pictures are flipped…. This girl had a prosthetic arm that matched this dress. It was beautiful.

Between fashion shows, being a tourist, eating out every meal, and shoots, I thought I had experienced all of NY. But NY decided I needed to stay a little longer.. Hahaa!

LONG STORY SHORT; I got stranded, alone, in the big apple! IT WAS INSANE! The weather was bad, I missed a flight, had a flight delayed, had one cancelled, one rebooked, experienced more bad weather, all during an extended weekend with banks closed complete with JFK craziness, I got stuck in New York for 3 extra days! It was a bad situation.. I don’t know what it is about me, but I always unintentionally end up in bad situations! It sucks! But, it makes for great stories (; so that’s one good thing!

Through all the craziness, I was very blessed through it all. I had people watching over me, protecting me, praying for me, and helping me the entire time I was stranded.

I felt like Heavenly Father was saying “Ok BA, you need to experience this to see the real world and become more independent!” As scary as it was at the time, I’m so grateful now to have experienced it all.

Sooo…. my New York trip went from being a 5 day adventure to a week & a half! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Last day having brunch for the second time at Sara Beths! Eggs benedict with crab <3 Central Park was directly to the left of this!

Jessa, our Sister, and I having uncontrollable manes! The sickest 4 story toy store! It had the piano from “BIG!” So sick!

Last pic in the center! ):

Bye Lincoln ):

Bye Empire

Bye yummiest chowder house.. But not quite bye NY….


Sooo…. my New York trip went from being a 5 day adventure to a week & a half! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

I’m so grateful that I was able to go and experience the last Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! This was the last fashion week by Mercedes Benz, ever. Being able to attend it as a 4 month old blogger, get sponsors, and be invited to shows by the actual designers was a complete dream come true for me.

I’d like to thank you all for your love and support on my journey thus far. You’re all amazing and I adore you all! <3 Thanks for Lovin me peeps! I wish I could meet each and everyone of you and express my gratitude for you all! ILYSM! xx|BA

If you see it then you’ll know!

Last Glimpse.. Til next time NY!