Teeth Whitening // Dentist // Tee // Denim

Hey guys <3 guess what?! I’m finally answering your questions! YOU always send tons of DMs & emails asking about my beauty routines, and I’m slowly but surely bringing them ALL to you! (If you missed my hair post, you can find it by clicking HERE!) **Also, I’d like to note that this post is NOT sponsored! 

Ok, y’all are always asking if my teeth are edited/photo shopped, and the answer is NOO! My teeth definitely aren’t perfect (I’ve never had braces and would love to get veneers one day) BUUUUTTTT I honestly can’t complain! My shiny bright whites make up for it! 

The ONE beauty bust I honestly can’t live without is my TEETH WHITENING! Nothing makes me (or anyone) look and feel prettier/more confident than vivid white teeth! 

I’ve been whitening my teeth for years, and have searched high and low for the best product! Tooth paste, white strips, LED light whitening, natural charcoal products, baking soda, banana peels, professional whitening.. you name it, I’ve tried it! 

My dentist (Dr. Mark Fullmer at Art City Dental) had some teeth whitening at his office that he recommended to me a year and a half ago so I decided to try his whitening syringes out! He made me some trays (which are molds of my teeth, pictured above) and I got right to testing his whitening! 

I started using my whitening trays one hour a day two times a week (just in case I was sensitive) and noticed results THAT WEEK! Not only did I notice a difference, but so did my family and friends! ALL OF THEM! And they have all hopped on the whitening train too! 

Now I use my trays once (occasionally twice) a week for 3-4 hours at a time! My teeth have only experienced sensitivity once (and it was my bad, I left them in over night) and they haven’t been affected by the whitening other than getting brighter! To me this is a score!  (I’ve had products turn my mouth strange colors, eat away at my gums, not whiten at all, and make my teeth sensitive to no end. So bad.) This whitening is also really easy to use! I just push down on the syringe, point it into my trays, and then put them on! (The process is pictured above!) Sometimes I wear them out in public too since they’re clear! No one can even tell I’m wearing them! 

So, the best part about THIS teeth whitening is MY DENTIST Dr. Mark Fullmer is offering FREE TEETH WHITENING FOR LIFE right now! And I know what you’re thinking.. It sounds like hoax/too good to be true. But I’m telling you people, it’s for real!  

To get free whitening for life, all you have to do is become a new patient! Each time you go in for a cleaning/check up, you will receive two free syringes!

Once again, I swear to you this post is NOT sponsored! Heck, I don’t even know if my dentist knows my name! I just thought this was an INCREDIBLE offer and wanted to share it with all of you because I love this whitening so much! 

My dentist’s office is called Art City Dental & he’s located in Springville, Utah! You can find more information about him HERE! <3  

If you’re not a local to Utah/you don’t want to leave your dentist but want this whitening, it’s only $12.00 per syringe! (And I’m pretty sure they would ship it to you if you called and ordered over the phone! I’ve done it once before!) 

Thanks for reading loves! If you guys have any questions about my whitening, my dentist, or my teeth, leave a comment below! xx 

P.s. Unfortunately I don’t have any before and after photos unless I go years back.. BUT I have these pics below that show just how white my teeth really are! My teeth are not edited in any of these, just insanely white! <3