P E L A’


Top // Shorts // Heels // Backpack // Hat // Necklaces // Earrings // Lipstick // Photog: Gabe Johnson

This is officially the busiest week EVER! (Seriously, it’s only Tuesday & I’m already looking forward to the weekend hahaa!) Anyone else with me?! 

The one thing keeping calm during this jam packed week is this beautiful, warm Utah weather! Why can’t it always be 65 degrees and sunny?! I’ve loovveedd busting out my shorts and spring tops! (Like these two!) I got them from Vici Collection and am hoping the weather stays like this forever so I can wear this outfit over & over again! (When I had it on today Chase mentioned it’s a new favorite! Always a plus when the husband likes it!) 

Does your husband/lover ever compliment certain outfits or styles? Leave a comment below! I want to know what it is!

Chase definitely does! The things he compliments/likes the most are the simple graphic tees paired with skinny jeans, and anything neutral! 

Thanks for stopping by today babes! LOVE YOU! xx