This is the weirdest December ever! Where in the crap is all the snow?! ): Hopefully it will find it’s way here in time for Christmas! (:

Snow is my favorite.. the first time it snowed this year I ran out into it in my bare feet and made a few snow angels! Crazy, I think not! Worth it, I think so!

Chase and I set out to find some snow this past week, and lucky for us, Sundance resort isn’t too far away (: here is our documented snow day!

Dat pine doe!

I may have started a snow ball fight..

aannd he may have got me back..

Like. Good.

Really good.

Next thing that happened on our snow day, the christmas present I asked for just popped out of no where!


I wish we could have taken him home.. He was such a good dog!

Snow day with C = Success + One happy BA

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