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Alright peeps, how many of you have heard of the new Netflix rage "13 Reasons Why?"  

I got sick over the weekend and ended up binge watching the entire show. (13 episodes. And that's saying A LOT because I don't watch tv/Netflix!)  

If you haven't heard of 13 Reasons, let me introduce it to you. This is a Netflix series about a teenage girl who committed suicide and left behind 13 pre-recorded tapes of her reasons why.

The show draws you in and makes you feel countless emotions.. I've never gone through so many emotions while watching a show. Maybe it's because it hits close to home, (I've had family members attempt to take their lives a handful of times) but whatever the reason, I'm glad I had the opportunity to have my eyes opened.

All of the characters in the series are different, but they all do things that we can relate to. And they all feel things that we have all felt. That's one of the reasons why I loved this show so much. 

13 Reasons Why talks about things that aren't publicly talked about. (Spoiler alert: this is not just a show about suicide.) When something bad is going on, people like to hide it, which is NOT always a good thing! Somethings NEED to be worked through & talked about. Even if they are awful, uncomfortable, & hard.

If you don't mind a handful of choice words, (eff eff & eff) and can handle a few rough scenes/if you want to open up your eyes/if you've ever been wronged or done something hurtful to others or yourself, I HIGHLY recommend watching 13 Reasons Why

Before you take my word for it and start watching, know that this show IS graphic. It's hard to watch at times, and can make you feel uncomfortable. In the end though, if it can change you as a person/help you, I think it's worth it. <3  

This show has brought me comfort, realization, and has made me want to be a better person. I know it will do the same for many others.