Unicorn Makeup: Katie Livingston / Velvet Dress / Pink Fur Coat / Pink Choker / Headband / Horn / Polaroid 

I'm officially a CORN! <3 Well, a Unicorn that is! 

My inbox has been overflowing since I shared my fantasy costume yesterday, so I thought I'd share the details with you all here! <3  

First of all, it's a tradition of my moms to attend "Witches Night" at Gardner Village each year! The costumes/witches are always incredible, and I wanted to step up my game this year! I had one of my favorite makeup artists in Utah (Katie Livingston) doll me up! We went for a semi neutral look, and focused on small details! She used pink + purple  colored contour/shadow, and MAJOR HIGHLIGHT! I feel like the highlight/glitter really pulled this look together! Katie does just about every type of makeup you could think of, and I HIGHLY recommend her! Anytime Katie does my makeup, I realize how horrible I am at doing my own! (Her makeup also lasted ALL NIGHT! I didn't fix it once, and it was applied at 9:00 a.m!) However, I did do my little brothers makeup yesterday (inspired by one of Katie's skeleton looks) and it just might be the greatest work I've ever done! (And it also lasted all night!) THX KAIDEN FOR LETTING ME PLAY WITH UR FACE! ILYSM!!!! 

For my outfit, I didn't want to go buy something new.. So I pulled this velvet dress that I recently purchased from Lulus, a pink fur coat, and a pink choker! These are all pieces that are currently in my closet, and I think they worked PERFECTLY! 

My headpiece is two separate accessories! The headband I picked up from Francesca's at the University mall this past week. (It's a darling grey and pink embellished headband!) And the horn I purchased from Taylormade in Provo! (Taylormade is a costume & makeup store! It's also the same store that Chase & I rented our Peter Pan & Tinker Belle costumes many of you have asked about!) I can't find the horn online anywhere, but it was $5.00 and they had TONS left! (I bought it on Wednesday and I garuntee it's still in stock!) I considered making a horn for a second, but this one has a clear elastic attachment & LIGHTS UP so I was sold! It stayed on all too, I didn't adjust it once! (And I was dancing/running around!) 

For those of you who aren't friends with me on snapchat, add me (Username: Britandrus) to see the horn in full effect! <3 

Also, if there's any other questions you guys have, leave a comment below, or email me at ChaseAndBrit@Gmail.Com! <3 Thanks for stopping by loves! xx