5 W A Y S T O X M A S


Her Top // Her Skirt // Her Bag // Her Boots // Her Earrings // Her Watch // Her Sunnies // His Tee // His Denim // His Boots // His Shades // His Hat // His Watch // Photog: Jessa Kae

This Utah weather has C & I in shock this year! By this time we normally have a handful of snowy days, and right now we're hitting high 60's! SNOW FALL WHERE U @?! 

Dont get us wrong, we love this weather! But, considering we're crazy about the holidays, a little snow would be nice to get us fully in the ultimate holiday spirit!  

We've actually been trying to do a little Christmas-sy something every single day since November 1st! (In hopes that the holidays last longer and don't vanish in the blink of an eye!) Some have been bombs, (like trying to visit park city's now CLOSED ornament shop) but some have been amazing (like playing elves!) We wanted to share 5 things you can do this week to get into the Christmas spirit/jump start your holiday! <3 Enjoy peeps! 

1. Put your decorations up while listening to Christmas music or watching a Christmas movie! <3  (Hallmark has a handful of x-mas flicks playing all week long, & Netflix has a few good selects too!) 

2. Bake/cook/make a treat that you usually only do during the holidays! Trust me, when the holiday aroma is in your home, you'll be feeling all sorts of merry & bright!

3. Take a drive up the canyon and into the pines! The scenery is beautiful, and the drive is relaxing! (And if you drive up high enough, you just might hit snow!)  

4. If you're in Utah, make a Swig stop! WE LOVE swigs hot cocoa with a shot of coconut! (Or 2.. or 3....!)  

5. Take a moment to figure out what you can give before the new year hits. Not gifts, but what you yourself can actually give to the earth, the people in your lives, yourself, and above all God. Focus on these things as the season continues to approach <3 this will fill your heart with joy and connect you with the reason for this wonderful season! <3 xx Happy extremely early holidays from us to you!!!! 

P.s. If anyone has any favorite traditions, recipes, or ways to get into the Christmas spirit early leave a comment below! <3