R O S E' & R I B B E D


Ribbed Dress // Booties // Earrings // Photog: Jessa Kae  

One of my favorite trends this year is ribbed tops! Tight fitting, textured, ribbed everything! I lovvee ribbed dresses too, but hadn't purchased one out of fear. (Ribbed dresses look like they fit extremely tight! And I'm not sure how I feel about that sometimes!) But then I saw this pink baby, and fell in L O V E!!!!  

This is the first ribbed dress I've ever seen that's loose fitting and flowy! It's made of the softest fabric, and has an incredible stretch! It also comes in the CUTEST colors for fall! (I had a hard time deciding on just one..) 

My favorite part about this dress is that it can easily be dressed up or down! It meshes with my finer jewelry & heels on Sunday, and also with my booties and denim jacket that I wear almost everyday! <3  

If you're looking for a new dress, you're not anymore. (;