Hello loves! <3 I’m finally back! And I’ve changed a little (: Andrus no more! Prepare yourselves for mushy, gushy, and lovey posts from this point forward! (; 

This past week I finally had the chance to go through emails. I had SO MANY inquires about the dress from Chase & mines engagements, as well as the dress from our formals! So today, I’m sharing the details, the pictures, and all that good stuff! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! <3 


DRESS | HEELS | SUIT | SHOES | Photog: Jessica Janae | Hair/MUA: Vivian Johnson | 


DRESS: Avenia, Moonlight Bridal | SUIT: HM Cole | Photog: Tyson French | Hair/MUA: Vivian Johnson |Floral: Madison Murdock | 

*Journal Entry: Chase & I wanted to express how grateful we are for each and everyone of you. Our wedding day was incredible, and we owe that to all of our family & friends who took part in our special day with us. Chase & I have both been stuck on cloud 9 since we were engaged, and we couldn’t be happier than we are right now. We’re finally married, finally together, and finally ready to live Happily Aver Allen! <3 Eternity, where you at?! We comin for you! 

xx|A’s <3