L A U N C H <3

Jacket // Top // Denim // Shoes // Handbag // Photog: Jessa Kae Photo

Ahh! Sorry I'm a bit excited over here! 

Welcome to HAPPILY EVER ALLEN!!!! HEA was something Chase & I decided to create together after we got engaged last year! We planned to launch HEA a few weeks after our wedding, (right before the new year) but then life happened. HEA was postponed for nearly a year! Until today that is! <3 Due to too many visitors, (aka you babes) my previous blog (Britandrus.com) crashed!
I know it sounds bad!.. In fact, it was bad for a little bit! But here we are on this beautiful fall day and all is well in the world again! (; Jk. (but seriously)

Let me introduce to you whats new on HEA! 
-First off, there are new categories to browse! Lifestyle, beauty, womens fashion (hers,) and mens fashion (his.) Thats right people. C is getting in on this action! Britandrus.com had as many male viewers as female, and we constantly had requests for Chase to do more/create his own posts! Ask and ye shall receive folks! <3
-We have linked our YouTube channel for you all to tune into! You can definitely expect some hair & makeup tutorials in the near future! <3
-There is a search bar on the home page so you guys can find posts easier instead of scrolling back 100 posts! <3 Search key words to find what you're looking for! 
-Comments have been enabled! If you have any questions/comments we will definitely get back to you!
-Our contact info has changed! Please use the contact form or our new email address ChaseAndBrit@gmail.com for all questions, comments, & all inquires!
-You now have the option to SUBSCRIBE! <3 Go subscribe ppl!

I'm so dang excited about HEA and all that it can do! I have to give a huge shout out and major THANK YOU to my new friend Angela Fales! Angela not only created HEA in just a couple of days, but she also put up with my demands, let me come over so she could teach me how to work my new site, created something more beautiful than I could ever imagine, and literally saved my life! ANG, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ILYSM && I couldn't have done this without you!!!! <3
If any of you are looking to start a blog/site or update your current one, I HIGHLY recommend Angela! Contact her HERE @ Gurl Gone Social! 

Ok!.. I think we're good now folks! Thank you for sticking through that novel! And thank you for being here today! Chase and I are beyond thrilled to embark on this new journey together and are grateful for the opportunity we have to share it with all of you! Thank you all for your love and support! Words cannot express how grateful we are for each and everyone of you! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! | veni vidi amavi |


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