P R O A C T I V +


Proactiv + // Extra Strength Proactiv // Grey Sweater // Earrings // Photog: Hunter Fowler


If you've been looking for an acne solution, look no further! We have a system that will brighten your skin, minimize your pores, kill bacteria, prevent future breakouts, and help rid of natural oil! Clearly we use Proactiv! 

Chase & I both have used Proactiv for years, and I don't think we'll ever switch! Occasially I'll try something new, but nothing works quite like Proactiv!  

Chases skin/genes are better than mine, so he uses the Proactiv + system! Proactiv + is for the average joe. You break out, but you're not extreme. You have dry to oily skin. And you won't break out if you skip washing your face for the night. 

Me on the other hand.. well, I'm not so lucky! I'm constantly broken out. Even without stress & makeup! It's genetic /: (And I am horribly oily!) Since I'm more severe, I use Extra Strength Proactiv! The systems are almost identical. The Extra Strength system is just a step up! <3

These are both 3 step systems that cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize. It sounds like a lot, but it's not! It's actually very quick & simple! We also use their facial masks before special events, shoots, or if our skin needs to be replenished! And I often use a 4th step (acne treatment gel) to help my acne diminish even more! 

Now, I know what you're thinking. That this is some promotional/advertisy post for Proactiv and you're not buying a word I'm saying. Well JOKES ON YOU! This stuff is the sh*t! C & I are often asked what we use to take care of our skin, and now you know! <3 Not promotional. 100% pure honesty. 

If youre still not buying it, TRY ME! Proactiv has a "Money Back Gauruntee" policy! So you have nothing to lose! Well, besides blemishes! And dead skin.. and oil! (;  

Thanks for stopping by Happily Ever Allen <3 We hope to see y'all real soon! xx|HEA