Satin Bomber // Denim // Sneakers // Handbag // Choker // Watch // Earrings // Lipstick // Blush // Highlighter // Photog: Paige Sovic

Hello loves & HAPPY FRIDAY!! What are y'all doing this weekend?! 

Ok, a week and a half ago I was on my Instagram story telling you guys about this amazing makeup I just tried from The Perfect Face! (This should sound familiar to most of you because I had a jillion emails come in after posting the video clips!) 

I have always had a love/hate relationship with makeup. I want to be fully covered, yet natural looking. I have struggled with that balance my entire life!! I have extremely oily skin, and growing up would often look orange an hour after applying my makeup because of my oils! And then I'd have to go to the bathroom, try to cover it with powder, which would make my face look cakey, and it would result back to orangey oiliness within an hour. (I'm not kidding. People would make fun of me for it. And it lasted for 6 years.. It. Sucked.) 

Then one day (hallelujah + pwaise the lawd) Utah Valley got a Sephora and I basically moved in! Being able to test out different makeup/products (alongside my proactiv face wash) saved me and my orange self. (God bless you sephora & all your samples!) 

Fast forward a couple of years to NOW and I finally understand makeup! I still have problems with makeup (like I occasionally turn myself orange and mess up,) but hey, I'm getting better with each passing day! 

The biggest struggle I've had with makeup this last year is that I always seem to look younger than I'd like. I'm a married woman, and want to look/feel like a woman! (My body is similar to a 12 year old boys shape/size & my face looks about 18 years old.) These aren't bad things!.. But some days, I just really want to look & feel like a mature, empowered, sexy woman. 

Rewind two weeks ago and the ups guy drops a package off from The Perfect Face. (Makeup!) I'm going to be honest, I'm wasn't  expecting much, but I was excited to try it!

The next morning I use the entire line while getting ready and I instantly started noticing differences!! A little went a long way with EVERYTHING! All of the makeup had incredible coverage without looking cakey, and my face was practically glowing! (If you saw my Instagram story from that day, you'll understand what I mean by glowy!) 

When Chase saw me after I had the makeup on, he realized something was different. Which is a huge deal! Since when do guys notice things like that?! NEVER! 

I gained something very important from this makeup. Somehow, after it was all applied, I looked more like a woman. (& I wasn't even wearing my vs bombshell.) I don't really know how to explain it, but I did. I could see it, my husband could see it, I was rocking this hot confidence for the rest of the day, it was amazing! It's exactly what I've been looking for this past year! <3

Just a quick background on The Perfect Face: this is the makeup that is used for the Miss USA pageants. It's created to look fresh throughout the entire day, cover fully, and last a lifetime. 

I can honestly say I love every single one of these products. I wanted to share my favorite three with you guys today! The highlighter, the blush, and the lipstick!  

The Highlighter has the most incredible shine. I swept it over my nose and cheeks once and that was all I needed! Same with the blush. Three sweeps across my cheeks and I was golden! The lipstick is my absolute favorite though. It has these brown tones in it that are truly beautiful.. I wear it every day now! I also think the coloring in the blush and lipstick are key factors to making me look more woman like. I could be wrong, but I think there's a high possibility it could be these two products! 

Below I've linked everything I'm currently using from The Perfect Face. If any of you guys are interested in trying this line out, you're in luck! I've teamed up with TPF & anyone who orders makeup from TPF can get 10% off with code "BRIT" at check out! 

I 100% LOVE this line & know you guys will too!! <3  

Picture perfect foundation: Y6

Concealer: P2

Loose powders in honeypot and cream puff

Eyeshadow crease: macchiato

Eyeshadow lid:  seashell

Highlight: queen

Blush: blushing bride

Contour: medium

Lip liner: cameo

Lipstick: au natural