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Happy Sunday loves! I’m definitely feeling the “Sunday Funday” vibes in this amazing fall outfit from Lulus!

Everything I’m wearing from head to toe is full on Lulus! They’ve honestly got some of the cutest clothes out there, especially for fall! 10/10 would reccomend grabbing a sweater & some booties from them while you can! Early Christmas gift from you to you for you! 

Hoping you all have a wonderful & relaxing day! P.s. You can shop some of my favorite fall selects below! xx




You asked for it, so I'm bringing it! Everything you've ever asked about my hair is HERE! I'm a hair + extensions nazi.. so if you're the same then dig in to this post! 

For starters, YES I have extensions! I've had them for 7 years. NO, they are not damaging. My hair in the extensions is always longer & healthier than my hair out of the extensions!  

Right now I have 18" bonded extensions. (See picture above.) I've had both wefts and tapes in the past, but bonds are by far my favorite! They are low maintenance, they match your hair color perfectly, blend amazing, adds thickness and length, you can brush right over them, custom color them, go more time in between adjusting them.. bonds are literally everything! 

I had my bonded extensions done at Amara Day Spa and recommend them one billion percent! I've been going to Amara for my nails for years now, and have seen this service done on a few of their clients. I had always wanted to try this extension method out, and am kicking myself in the butt for not doing it sooner! I'm seriously soo happy with them! (Little side note, if you haven't been to Amara, you MUST go! It's the cutest high end salon in Utah county and I don't go anywhere else for most services! They do everything from hair to waxing to Botox! GO SEE THEM! Allssoo, Amara is the ONLY place I go to for nails! My girl Myka is THE BEST! She's the reason my nails are so long, healthy, and beautiful!) 

KK, back to hair! The picture above with my tongue out is my actual hair length! Yes, my hair is crazy short! If you're worried your natural hair is too short for extensions, then stop right now! Extensions can blend with any hair length!  

I've used just about every brand of extensions on the market and am currently using Racoon hair. (Amara has it at their salon!) Racoon hair is the softest, most natural looking, & prettiest hair I've ever used! It's also the priciest hair I've used, but it's worth it! (Racoon hair is Remy hair. I've only used Remy hair extensions and recommend you do the same as well! Remy is the best brand on the market!) 

I wash and dry my extensions exactly the same as I do my real hair. There's NO DIFFERENCE! For shampoo and conditioner I switch off between Kevin Murphys volume set (thickens hair) and Kevin Murphys purple shampoo set! I get them from my hair gal Natalie Mckell! She's located in Orem at Sola Salon! (She's the first booth in there, you can't miss her! Natalie cuts & dyes my hair and she's INCREDIBLE! I've been through a few girls and feel like Natalie is the best in the biz!) I also occasionally wash with Oribe products because they smell heavenly! Between Kevin Murphy & Oribe, I'm beyond taken care of! My favorite products from Oribe are the dry shampoo, the texturizing spray, and the matte waves texture serum. (I use these everyday) And my favorite products from Kevin Murphy are their root pump, de tangler, and their shimmer shine spray

The other products/tools I use on my hair are the Mason Pearson brush, the Dry Bar hair dryer and round brush, the GHD single pass straightener, and the T3 whirl trio! All of these products are INCREDIBLE. The only thing I'm itching to add to my collection is the new Dyson hair dryer! (I've heard amazing things about it. If you're looking for a new hair dryer, I'd try this puppy out!) 

When I Style my hair, I start with a wet head. Fresh and clean! I towel dry for a minute or two, then air dry for 10 minutes! I spray the de tangler on the ends of my hair and my extensions, and the root pump at the crown of my head! Then I start round brushing + blow drying until it's 100% dry! Next I run my straightener through my hair to make it look healthy and smooth! Then I grab my whirl trio and curl everything away from my face! Sometimes I alternate the curls direction, others I don't! Once it's curled I grab my Mason Pearson brush and fluff everything out! (This brush is amazing for fluff + hair health!) After that I add the Oribe texturizing lotion & spray to help it hold! And finally I finish it off with Kevin Murphys shine spray for a perfectly polished look! In my opinion product has A LOT to do with your hair, so I always recommend investing in good, long lasting tools and products! 

For my color I honestly don't know what to tell you. (Sorry guys!) I don't know much about hair dye, and I don't ask Natalie for a specific color! She just does what she thinks will look best and I trust her! You can definitely send her a DM through Instagram though and she can help you out! Her Instagram handle is @NatalieMckellHair

There's a bunch of other questions you guys have emailed me about, so I'm going to answer them quickly here! <3  

YES, you can wear your hair in a pony tail with extensions!  

YES, you can work out with them! Sweat won't hurt the extensions.

YES, you can swim with them! (I don't get in the chlorine much because I'm blonde, but it doesn't hurt the extensions!)  

NO, they don't hurt! I've heard some people have been sensitive after getting them in for the first time, but I never have with any method!  

No, they don't look fake. Some DO, but if you get good hair, and have someone who knows what they're doing putting them in, they'll look amazing! Once again, I recommend the bonded method, Racoon hair or any Remy hair, and Amara salon can do this all for you!  

No, I do not lose pieces of hair! (I have with tape ins once, but once in 7 years is amazing!) If your hard on you hair, I recommend getting bonds or wefts, not tapes!  

No, they are NOT hard to style! In fact, they are easier than real hair! They hold curl much better than real hair and the curls last for days!  

YES, if you really want me to I'll upload a video of how I curl my hair. But FAIR WARNING I'm SUPER AWKWARD and it won't be anything amazing! Soo if you want a sups awks hair video tutorial, leave a comment below! 

I've been going through your emails and dms making sure I've answered all of your questions, but I'm sure I've missed a bunch! (So sorry guys!) If you have any other questions or if I missed yours, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you! 

Thanks for stopping by loves! Hoping this helps answer your questions! Love you all! <3



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What is something that makes you unique? <3 One of my favorite lines (Mango) is asking this question and sharing peoples stories from all around the world.  

C & I are unique in the fashion & blogging world for being a couples duo. <3  

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