Top // Jacket // Jeans // Sneakers // Crossbody // Lipstick // Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Gabe Johnson

I received a few emails last night from you guys saying you’ve loved these “pink posts” I’ve been doing! (If you’re late to the pink party, I’m wearing pink all week as my own personal way to help raise breast cancer awareness! It is national breast cancer awareness month after all!) One of the emails I received had me laughing SO HARD I was in tears! Someone thought I should show some boob, cleavage, or grab my chest for the next set of pics to help raise awareness!.. Lucky for them I have a great sense of humor! And unlucky for me I hardly have a chest hahaa! I’m still growing into my woman body! PLUS, I would NEVER do that! Sorry who ever you are!.. That’s just not me! (Thanks for the suggestion though! I really thought it was thoughtful and funny hahaa!) 

Todays outfit is for the minimalists/people who stick to neutrals! If I had to choose just one of these pink outfits to wear everyday, it would be this one! I got this entire outfit from Vici Collection and love how simple and comfortable it is! My favorite part is this pink suede jacket! It’s the perfect color and fit! Truly one of the best options for a week full of pink!

I also really love these suede J Slide Sneakers! I did a post earlier this week with a silk pink lace up pair, but wanted to rock these taller + darker slides today! J Slides is  one of my FAVORITE brands for shoes! In my opinion, they’re a better looking version of a sneaker! (Aka you can wear them out at night and look totally appropriate while feeling super comfortable.) J Slides also has a special discount code right now if you order anything pink in honor of national breast cancer awareness month!  Just use code “jay20off” at checkout! (You can also get a discount at Vici Collection with code “BRIT20” at checkout if you’re interested!) 

I don’t think any of you have joined in on my “pink week,” (and I don’t blame you) but what about a “pink day?!” Just one day, wear pink, post a pic of you on your ig story tagging me (@HappilyEverAllen, so I can see it) and using the hashtag #BreastCancerAwareness! I’ll repost on my ig stories for those of you who do! And it would mean the WOLRD to me!! And maybe I’ll send you something!.. Idk! <3 Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all have a wonderful day! xx