T H E E X P E' R I E N C E


Dress // Heels // Handbag // Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Ty French

I'm feeling a little sad putting together todays post ): this is my fourth and final fashion week look! Aka no more beautiful New York pictures! I hope you all have enjoyed them as much as I have! 

For those of you sending dm's/emails about my fashion week looks, they are all from Vici Collection! (Including this dress!) If you like their clothing as much as I do, take advantage of my discount code! Enter "BRIT20" at checkout! <3  

Ok, let's get into fashion week! (Finally!!!!) I received hundreds of questions regarding NYFW, so here are your answers! 

Fashion Week happens twice a year in NYC. Once in February, and once in September! All the designers are showing their upcoming seasons collection! (So the looks you saw on my ig stories will all be arriving spring & summer 2018!)  

Fashion Week isn't exactly something you can buy your way into.. you have to be invited. There are certain events and shows you can purchase tickets to attend, but the big ones are invite only! It's considered an honor to attend Fashion Week, and an even bigger honor to sit front row! You can find your favorite blogger, actor, reality tv star, singer, or model sitting in these seats! 

Chase and I were invited to a handful of shows, but tried to pick and choose our best ones! Fashion Week used to be held at one location, (when it was sponsored by Mercedes Benz) but now every designer/show/event/presentation gets their own venue.. making it impossible to attend everything!.. Especially with the city traffic/trying to find your way around!) 

We attended the Banana Republic show, the Leanne Marshall Show, the Jarel Zhang show, the Negris Lebrum show, the Uncommon James & Chinese Laundry presentation, the Veronica Beard presentation, a private Lulus event, and a private NYFW dinner. All of the lines were INCREDIBLE! Seriously.. I wanted to buy everything I saw! 

The trends I noticed most for SS18 were yellows, flowy dresses, bold stripes, straw bags, and one shoulder cut outs! Obviously there's a million more, but these were the ones I saw at every show! (So if you are already shopping for warmer weather, any of these are a shoe-in!) 

I got asked what my favorite thing about fashion week was.. and for me this year it wasn't the shows!... I REALLY enjoyed the Fashion Week dinner I attended! There were a bunch of amazing influencers there and it was so cool to chat about work, where we're at, what we do, what our goals our, and Fashion Week! Honestly, it was a night I'll never forget!

For shows, my favorite was Leanne Marshall! Their designs were jaw dropping.. Leanne Marshalls runway show was in a venue that had multiple runways. (Kind of like the old Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents!) It also held some of the sponsors for fashion week such as Tresseme & E News! The sponsor booths are fun place to go hang out while waiting for other shows! You can have your hair done, take cool pictures, meet other people on the industry, and more! This space felt the most like my previous Fashion Week experience so I loved it! It felt familiar and like home! 

We've been asked if we're planning on attending Fashion Week this February, and I'm not sure yet! We would LOVE TO obviously, but we're not positive just yet!  

Another question I got asked a lot was when are the looks open to the public. And the answer is RIGHT NOW! There's an app called NYFW that anyone can download and right after a show the looks are uploaded to the app for the public to see! You can search by designer, time, or trend! (I'm not positive but I think it works the same way for London Washion Week which is happening RIGHT NOW! So if you want to see the Tommy Show.. it's there!) 

I know I'm leaving a bunch of you questions unanswered.. (sorry guys!) So if I skipped yours, leave a comment below and I'll answer back!  

Thanks for tuning in to our NYFW experience! Until next time! xx

A M E' L I O R E R


Dress // Handbag // Heels // Sunglasses // Neclace // Earrings // Self Tanner // Lipstick // Photog: Gabe Johnson

Loving this LBD from Vici Collection! I tend to stick with simple/classic items, but firmly believe you need a few things that pop in your wardrobe! (Wether that's color, structure, or lots of details like the embroidery on this dress!)  

Vici has items that are both timeless and on trend! Check out their shop and use code "BRIT20" at checkout for a discount on your order! xx