Tee // Shorts // Sneakers // Bandana // Hat // Rose Necklace // Backpack // Self Tanner

“Tommys Burgers, Famous by noon tomorrow!” WHY ARE THESE WORDS SO CUTE?! 

ANYWHO! Casual comfort food calls for a casual outfit! I wouldn’t consider myself to be a burger or “meat freak,” (in fact, I’ve considered going vegetarian/vegan a hundred times) BUT sometimes a greasy burger right off the grill really hits the spot! Especially with all this warm weather Utah is getting! They just mesh! 

Tommy’s in Provo is quick, cozy, historic, and divine! If you haven’t been, I’d say it’s worth a try!

And oddly enough.. I feel like my outfit (got it from Lulus) is hitting all the same points as Tommy’s Burgers! (Quick, cozy, historic, divine) It’s easy to throw on, beyond comfortable, a classic + timeless brand, and DIVINE! 10/10 would recommend both this outfit from Lulus, and a bite from Tommy’s! 

Thank you guys for stopping by! YOU DA BEST! xx

And thank you Lulus for partnering on this post!  

J U M A N J I’



Dress // Shoes // Bag // Glasses // Necklace // Earrings // Self Tanner


Tbh, this Guns n Roses song was stuck in my head the entire time I was in Hawaii! Idk if it was the recent Jumanji movie that did it, or the fact that everywhere you looked was some sort of a tropical wonderland! (Probably a bit of both hahaha.)

This was my first time in Hawaii and I was in awe at how beautiful everything was! Including this dirt road! I’ve never seen a pretty dirt road in my life.. leave it to Hawaii to make even the typically “ugly” sights breath taking.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this, I don’t think I saw one ugly or dead thing on the island the entire time I was in Hawaii! IT WAS CRAZY! I kept thinking to myself “I can shoot there, and there, and there, and there and there and there” hahaha! Such a bad mindset, but I was in my work zone! (Aka an Instagram dream land!)

Aside from the never ending beauty on the island, the weather was perfect and I was able to wear so many fun cover ups and dresses! This one in particular was definitely a favorite! I’m in love with this orange right now, obsessed with this back detail, and love the brand Free People!

I got it along with the rest of my outfit from Lulus! I shop at Lulus 24/7! It’s truly my go to for everything! Vacations, lounge wear, occasion dresses, literally everything!

If you haven’t shopped with Lulus yet, you need to check them out! I’ve shopped with them for nearly 4 years now and don’t know what I’d do with out them!

Thanks for reading loves! Y'all are the best! xx

P.s. for those of you asking, I’ll being posting my Hawaii guide soon! (Sorry it’s not up yet!) It’ll be filled with llaces to eat, things to do, where to stay, etc. Stay tuned loves!

S O L E O H A’


Yellow Sandals // Red Mules // Tan Fringe Heels // Teal Flats // Nude Wedges // Cognac Bag // Straw Beach Tote // Sun Hat

SOLEOHA beautiful people! Soleoha is basically “Aloha” but when you’re Sole Society obsessed! (; Today I’m SOO excited to share my fashion travel guide for the tropics, starting with the real MVPs, Sole Society shoes!

I kid you not, I’ve worn a pair of Sole Society’s shoes ERRE SINGLE DAY here! (They work with everything and are so dang cute!) If you aren’t familiar with Sole Society, let me give you the run down! Sole Society is a footwear company that produces trendy, fashion forward, high quality, and affordable shoes + accessories! I’ve shopped with them for years! You can find them online on their website Solesociety.Com!

Before heading out the the Hawaiian islands, I knew my swim + shoe game needed to be on point! Swim for obvious reasons, but shoes were just as important to me! There’s a lot of walking to be done here, and I knew my feet would be killing me if I wasn’t wearing supportive sandals! I also wanted shoes that wouldn’t hurt when sand got into them. Sometimes the sand can get caught between your skin and your shoe, and after a few rubs it can cut your skin up! These shoes handled the walking & sand like champions! I give them a 10/10 for function, durability, and over all look!

I snagged a couple of colorful pairs to wear to the beach, a few neutral pairs to wear around town, and a heel to wear out on a date with Chase! They were beyond perfect! I also ordered a beach bag, a carry on for my flight, and a hat to help keep the sun off of my face! Everything I wore received compliments all day long! (It was kinda cute actually hahaa!)

Out of all the things I packed on this tropical trip, these shoes were by far the most important! (Ok, sunscreen, then shoes!) If you’re headed out on a holiday, or doing anything that involves a lot of walking I HIGHLY recommend shopping for shoes at Sole Society! We spend a lot of time in our shoes everyday, so to me, it’s a no brainer to invest in a few good pairs! Don’t let your shoes hold you back, run freely with Sole Society! <3

Thanks for stopping by today lovelies! Love you all!

P.s. I’ll be doing a swimsuit guide + Hawaii travel guide later this week! Stay tuned loves! xx

L O O’


Top // Shorts // Sneakers // Bag // Necklace // Earrings // Lipstick // Self Tanner // Photog: Madi Rogers

The blossoms are blooming and you know what that means.. SPRING is among us! It’s felt so nice outside lately. Heck, I’ve even been able to start wearing shorts & tanks out! (First time in Utah since 2018 started! FINALLY!)

I got this light blue/spring dream number from Lulus and have been living in it 24/7! (It’s just so cute, and the weather is too good!) The denim shorts have the perfect amount of stretch and the floral top is too fun! They’re both from brands I LOVE too which is always a bonus! (Top is Moon River & shorts are Free People!)

Also, I’ve been trying to keep up on my tan and think it shows quite nicely in these photos! (I use self tanner, not tanning beds!) I’ve tried just about every product you can think of and the one I’m obsessing over right now is this South Seas bottle! If you’re looking for a new self tanner to try out, this one is gold! 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Hope spring is treating you all well! LOVE YOU xx

R E’ P O N D R E’


Tee // Overalls // Sneakers // Bag // Bandana // Necklace // Earrings // Lipstick // Photog: Gabe Johnson

“Love is the answer.” <3

Man.. this tee is the worlds greatest. I’ve been wearing graphic tees my entire life and this one takes the cake! The words.. it’s so true! In my life, whenever I’ve been happy, or sad, or scared, or confused, or ANYTHING honestly, the solution, the solvent, and the answer is always LOVE. <3

For those of you who have followed us/read our blog since the beginning, you know that we’re big advocates for #SpreadingLOVE! In my opinion, nothing else really matters. Life is all about the love you give, as well as the love we receive.

So today, wether it’s to your spouse, your parents, a friend, your dog, a co-worker, a school mate, or a total stranger, I challenge you to #SpreadLOVE! (And if you do, leave a comment below on your experience! It can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like!)

Thanks for stopping by today everyone <3 I LOVE YOU!!!!

P.s. My entire outfit from head to toe is from Lulus! Aka my go to!!!! (Sorry loves, a few things are out of stock!) I will definitely be sporting this outfit all spring + summer long! It’s the cutest!

A R - N J E’


Top // Denim // Boots // Bag (similar) // Scarf (similar) // Necklaces // Earrings // Lipstick // Photog: Gabe Johnson

Started off my Monday strong to set a tone for the week! I had a healthy breakfast, worked out, ran errands, got through the majority of my emails, downloaded a new social app (Vero,) and wore this bold number! Heck, I might even cook dinner tonight! 

I’m a slow pace, casual, super chill type of person. (Basically I just want to cuddle and watch Movies all day.) So to hit a bunch of things in one day and wear this cute/out of my norm outfit from Vici Collection is a good change of pace for me!   

Are you more chill or do you like to be busy?! Leave a comment below! <3  

Thanks for stopping by loves! Here’s to you & starting the week off strong! xx

P.s. Use code BRIT20 for 20% off your entire purchase at Vici Collection!  

C L O C H E’



Top // Skirt // Boots // Cap // Bag // Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Paige Sovic

Hello loves! Happy Tuesday! 

Today has been the best Tuesday ever! I got my extensions done at Amara Day Spa And Salon in Orem and I’m feeling like a brand new woman! (If you haven’t seen my extensions/hair styling post, you can find it HERE!) 

This darling outfit from Vici Collection also has me feeling like a brand new woman! I love this form fitting, simple, bell sleeved top! It’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now! 

If you’re looking to get some new pieces you NEED to check out Vici Collection! You can also get 20% off your entire purchase with code “BRIT20” at checkout! 

Hoping you all have a wonderful day loves! xx

B E M I N E’


Her Tee // Her Skirt // Her Heels // Her Bag // Her Shades // Her Earrings // His Tee // His Jeans // His Boots // His Hat // His Shades // Photog: Paige Nicole

Truth be told, us Allens haven’t had a proper Valentine’s Day! This will be our 6th one together, and we’ve yet to get it right! (We we’re both always on work trips over Valentine’s Day while we were dating, and since we’ve been married we’ve had to work all day and night on Valentine’s Day! WE SUCK!) We are BREAKING that habit though this year!

That being said, Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be something you go all out for! We promise you will survive! <3 On the other hand, if you love love, love holidays, love going over the top for that special someone in your life, there’s nothing wrong with going all out either!  <3 BOTH ARE GREAT! 

We wanted to share our Valentine’s Day date + gift ideas with you all today! From chill to over the top, we hope you find something that’s perfect for YOU! 


Cheap dates<3

Take your chick fil’ bae to Chick Fil A! Come home to a cozy little scene with Netflix/Amazon prime movies ready to go! (We recommend “The Choice” on prime! Forts encouraged!)

Ice skating with a side of cocoa to warm you up! (Or cuddles. Either way!) If you’re in Utah, midway has the cutest little ice rink!  

Sledding! Any hill will do <3 don’t forget to warm your lover up afterwards! (;

Dinner at home! Cook together, light a candle, play some music, dress up, and enjoy! Don’t forget desert! Chocolate covered strawberries are easy and festive! (And delicious!) 

Create a “museum of love” or “book of us” for your lover! Take them to all the significant places in your life together or have things that mean a lot to both on display! OR take pictures of anything and everything that has helped build you as a couple and turn it into a cute love book! Can be as romantic and creative as you make it! Just have fun with it! <3

Car drives up the canyon with a love playlist made especially for them on repeat! (And maybe some Hershey kisses to snack on!)  


All out dates<3

DINNER AT THE FAV ALWAYS! And make the reservation now! V-Day dining reservations fill up so fast!!!! If you’re in Utah, we recommend the Melting pot, River Horse, the Tree Room, Foundry Grill, La Caille, Market Street Grill, Handle Salt Lake, and Copper Onion! (These are our favorite restaurants in Utah!)

Helicopter tour in your area! (If you’re in Utah, we recommend Temple square or Zion!) 

Color Me Mine! It’s so relaxing, creative, cozy, and they have the best music playing! (This is one of our favorite places to go on dates!)  

Indoor skydiving + flow rider in Ogden! Super active, crazy fun date! (We’ve done this twice and LOVE it!) 

Rock Climbing! (Aka state at your lovers bumm while their life rests in your hands!) If in Utah, we recommend the Quarry!  

Ski/Snowboard/Snowmobile + Spa day! Hit the slopes then cool off in a hot tub followed by a facial or a massage! THE BEST!  


Gift Ideas here! Click on a picture to shop the item! xx




Tee // Coat // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Gabe Johnson

Happy Friday loves! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?!  

I’ll be hanging out with the family all weekend and I’m so excited! I’d love to go sledding with them if the snow picks up! I already have my outfit picked out for it too! Furry pink coat, YES PLZ! 

I got it (and my entire outfit) from Lulus, one of my all time favorite shops! If you haven’t checked them out, you should put that on your weekend agenda! <3  

Thanks for stopping by babes! Love you all! xx

K’ S E R A



Sweater // Denim // Booties // Handbag // Beret // Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Gabe Johnson  

Valentine’s Day ready in this ruffled, romantic number! This deep red sweater is not only perfect for an intimate night out, but also a day in the office or running around town! I feel like this sweater is the perfect V-day glam w/ out being too glam! Sexy, comfortable, festive, EVERYTHING YOU NEED! (Well, everything I need!) <3 

I got this sweater (and these booties) from K-Sera Boutique and LOVE their shop! Some of my friends have worn their clothes for years and I have always thought they were the cutest! You simply MUST check them out!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today loves! Happy Wednesday! xx

A’ P O I S



Dress // Heels // Hat // Bag // Necklace // Earrings // Lipstick // Lipgloss // Photog: Paige Sovic

Ready for spring in this light and airy number! Or a vacation would do. Somewhere warm with fresh clean air. (Utah, ily but you’re killin me!) 

I guess I’ll just keep this dress clean until the time comes! I got it from Vici Collection and they’re starting to release their spring collection(s)! Lots of beautiful blouses and dresses! If you happen to get anything from them make sure to enter code BRIT20 for a discount on your entire purchase! 

You can also shop some of my current favorite dresses & spring selects below! xx

‘ S T A R E’



Tee // Jeans // Heels // Sunglasses // Lipstick // Photog: Paige Sovic

Thinking about sending these pics to NASA because my mom says I’m a star! (; jk. You could say I’m a little obsessed with stars though. Growing up I was always doodling them, or staring at them in the sky and trying to find all the constellations. I once danced on a team called Stars, my fav emoji rn is the star eyes, I recently got a couple star/constellation necklaces, and now this tee

I got it from Vici Collection and have been wearing it on repeat! I love it’s oversized fit and of course as discussed above, it’s star graphics! If you’re a star freak like I am, go get this tee before it’s gone! Orrrr you can shop some of my favorite starry pieces below! Happy Monday my loves! xx




Sweater // Jeans // Boots // Necklace // Earrings // Lipstick // Photog: Gabe Johnson

I’ve really enjoyed wearing the fur coats, embellished dresses, and crazy colors the past little while, but I will always come back to my basics! A simple, cozy sweater and jeans will always be me!  

I got this sweater from (yep, you guessed it) my latest obsession Vici Collection and it’s at the very front of my closet right now! (All my favorite pieces go directly to the front!) These jeans are also on the top of their pile! I got them from L Agence and they are amazing! Distressed and cropped at the bottom so us shorter girls don’t have to get them altered! The color, fit, and stretch are something to brag about too. If you’re looking for a new pair, I’d recommend these! (They also come in black, and a dark washed blue!) 

Thank you for stopping by loves! Hoping you all have a wonderful day! P.s. You can shop some of my favorite items right now below! Click a pic to shop! xx  

P O U S S I’ E R E U X



Tee // Cardigan // Jeans // Boots // Beanie // Sunglasses // Necklace // Photog: Gabe Johnson

Perfect day spent bundled up in the snow dusted mountains. <3 Some days I think I want to move to LA or NY, and others I don’t know how I could ever leave these beautiful mountains. 

No matter where I’m at though, I can always wear these cute layering pieces from Vici Collection! (Isn’t this cardigan so fun?! I’m in love!) Use code BRIT20 for 20% off your entire purchase! 

Thanks for stopping by loves! Here’s to you! xx

F L O U’



Tee // Jacket // Jeans // Boots // Hat // Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Gabe Johnson

Hello loves <3  

Who’s been up in the mountains enjoying the snow this year? It’s hardly snowed in the valley, and I’ve found myself in the mountains these past few months more than ever! (Winter/snow is my favorite!) 

Aside from crushing on the snow, I’m also crushing on Vici Collections coats + jackets! They’re all perfect for a ski trip, a weekend at the cabin, or a night out on the town! This black one I’m wearing above is simple, sleek, & has that faux fur collar that’s trending hard right now! A MUST for this season! 

What are some things that are “musts” for this season/new year?! 

Thanks for tuning in loves! Hoping you all have a lovely day! xx

F E’ Z E’



Sweater // Coat // Jeans // Boots // Beanie// Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Gabe Johnson

Me: Aspiring ball of cotton candy. Also me: Just aspiring to be any type of junk food tbh.  

My inner child was screaming over this outfit! It’s sugar and spice and everything nice! <3 I love the cute details in the sweater, the pearls on these jeans, and the fuzz on this coat! Everyone needs a “girls just wanna have fun” get up!  

I got this sweater from Vici Collection and am in love with it! They also have some of the cutest fur coats around! If you shop with Vici, make sure to use code BRIT20 for a discount on your order!  

Hoping you all have the loveliest day! Thanks for stopping by! xx