R E’ P O N D R E’


Tee // Overalls // Sneakers // Bag // Bandana // Necklace // Earrings // Lipstick // Photog: Gabe Johnson

“Love is the answer.” <3

Man.. this tee is the worlds greatest. I’ve been wearing graphic tees my entire life and this one takes the cake! The words.. it’s so true! In my life, whenever I’ve been happy, or sad, or scared, or confused, or ANYTHING honestly, the solution, the solvent, and the answer is always LOVE. <3

For those of you who have followed us/read our blog since the beginning, you know that we’re big advocates for #SpreadingLOVE! In my opinion, nothing else really matters. Life is all about the love you give, as well as the love we receive.

So today, wether it’s to your spouse, your parents, a friend, your dog, a co-worker, a school mate, or a total stranger, I challenge you to #SpreadLOVE! (And if you do, leave a comment below on your experience! It can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like!)

Thanks for stopping by today everyone <3 I LOVE YOU!!!!

P.s. My entire outfit from head to toe is from Lulus! Aka my go to!!!! (Sorry loves, a few things are out of stock!) I will definitely be sporting this outfit all spring + summer long! It’s the cutest!



Her Sweater // Her Skirt // Her Jacket // Her Shoes // Her Scarf // Her Necklace // His Tee // His Jeans // His Hat // Photog: Paige Sovic

Happy Hearts day everyone! <3 <3 <3 I want you all to know that you are LOVED! Today and every day!

For V-Day I’ve decided to rock this cute & casual look from Lulus! C & I will be spending our evening eating Chick Fil A while watching the Jazz get their 11th win in a row! Honestly, it’s the perfect way to spend a day of love! Cuddles, the game, fil bae, and a fresh outfit

What are you guys doing tonight?! 

Thanks for popping in! LOVE YOU MY VALENTINES! xx  



Grey Dress // Peep Toe Heels // Black Bag // Sunglasses // Necklace // Earrings // Blue Dress // Hat // Tan Bag // Strap Heel // Lipstick // Photog: Paige Sovic 

I couldn’t decide which dress to share.. so I’m sharing BOTH! IM. IN. LOVE. <3 I got them both from Vici Collection and they’ve been on repeat since the moment I tried them on! 

For the grey dress, I love it’s neutral tone, the texture, the tie which covers that lower “pooch” area most of us women have, and its cozy material! 10/10 would recommend!  

And the blue dress I love the summer feel it gives, its light and airy feel, and of course the pop of color! 

Which dress do you like more?! I want to know!

Remember, you can use code BRIT20 for 20% off your entire purchase at Vici Collection!

Have a wonderful day loves! Thanks for stopping by! xx

B E M I N E’


Her Tee // Her Skirt // Her Heels // Her Bag // Her Shades // Her Earrings // His Tee // His Jeans // His Boots // His Hat // His Shades // Photog: Paige Nicole

Truth be told, us Allens haven’t had a proper Valentine’s Day! This will be our 6th one together, and we’ve yet to get it right! (We we’re both always on work trips over Valentine’s Day while we were dating, and since we’ve been married we’ve had to work all day and night on Valentine’s Day! WE SUCK!) We are BREAKING that habit though this year!

That being said, Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be something you go all out for! We promise you will survive! <3 On the other hand, if you love love, love holidays, love going over the top for that special someone in your life, there’s nothing wrong with going all out either!  <3 BOTH ARE GREAT! 

We wanted to share our Valentine’s Day date + gift ideas with you all today! From chill to over the top, we hope you find something that’s perfect for YOU! 


Cheap dates<3

Take your chick fil’ bae to Chick Fil A! Come home to a cozy little scene with Netflix/Amazon prime movies ready to go! (We recommend “The Choice” on prime! Forts encouraged!)

Ice skating with a side of cocoa to warm you up! (Or cuddles. Either way!) If you’re in Utah, midway has the cutest little ice rink!  

Sledding! Any hill will do <3 don’t forget to warm your lover up afterwards! (;

Dinner at home! Cook together, light a candle, play some music, dress up, and enjoy! Don’t forget desert! Chocolate covered strawberries are easy and festive! (And delicious!) 

Create a “museum of love” or “book of us” for your lover! Take them to all the significant places in your life together or have things that mean a lot to both on display! OR take pictures of anything and everything that has helped build you as a couple and turn it into a cute love book! Can be as romantic and creative as you make it! Just have fun with it! <3

Car drives up the canyon with a love playlist made especially for them on repeat! (And maybe some Hershey kisses to snack on!)  


All out dates<3

DINNER AT THE FAV ALWAYS! And make the reservation now! V-Day dining reservations fill up so fast!!!! If you’re in Utah, we recommend the Melting pot, River Horse, the Tree Room, Foundry Grill, La Caille, Market Street Grill, Handle Salt Lake, and Copper Onion! (These are our favorite restaurants in Utah!)

Helicopter tour in your area! (If you’re in Utah, we recommend Temple square or Zion!) 

Color Me Mine! It’s so relaxing, creative, cozy, and they have the best music playing! (This is one of our favorite places to go on dates!)  

Indoor skydiving + flow rider in Ogden! Super active, crazy fun date! (We’ve done this twice and LOVE it!) 

Rock Climbing! (Aka state at your lovers bumm while their life rests in your hands!) If in Utah, we recommend the Quarry!  

Ski/Snowboard/Snowmobile + Spa day! Hit the slopes then cool off in a hot tub followed by a facial or a massage! THE BEST!  


Gift Ideas here! Click on a picture to shop the item! xx



Tee // Skirt // Jacket more sizes HERE & HERE // Sneakers // Necklace // Earrings // Self Tanner // Photog: Gabe Johnson


A starry skirt paired with an embellished denim jacket is all you need to feel young and hot again! (Tested & proven by me (; haa!) On the real though, todays #ootd is not only cute, but youthful and playful! Tbh, I could wear this outfit every single day. 

This tee, skirt, and jacket are 3 of my favorite pieces in my closet right now! I’ve had my eye on Amo tees for a while, and adore this one! I really dig the “Babes Unite” graphic! This skirt has me OBSESSED with the star trend! I’ve seen a lot of dresses like this but never a skirt! I found it at Vici Collection & snagged it the second I saw it! As for this jacket, I’m in love! I’ve been searching for a good oversized denim jacket that doesn’t look like I stole it from my husbands closet. So when I found this pearl embellished jacket from Lulus, I HAD to get it! 

What are some of your favorite items right now/what are you currently shopping for? Leave a comment below! <3 Hope you have a wonderful day! xx

Q & A ft. C + B

Hey everyone <3 B & C here! Since it's the start of a new year, and this is a new website, we thought we'd do a fun little Q&A so you guys can get to know us more! (And find out how weird we really are!) (; Enjoy!!!!

Throw Back <3


1. Who has been the biggest influence in your life? B: My Dad & My Grandmama <3 My dad has taught me so much in life, & my gram has always been there for me. C: My parents, my siblings, and my close friends.


2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? B: 14.. It was on valentines and I was so embarrassed! C: 10! In a hot tub!

3. Do you have any strange phobias? B: I'm afraid of driving! (I've never had a drivers license.) C: Spiders and snakes. I hate them!

4. What is your favorite place in the entire world? B: Cannon Beach, Oregon coast. C. Anywhere in the mountains!

5. What were you like as a kid? B. I was pretty nerdy! I was half tomboy, and half girly! (I refused to do my hair, and preferred my brothers clothes over my own! But I LOVED to dance! It was a good mix!) C. Very athletic. Sports were my life. Especially baseball!

6. When did you first fall in love with each other? B & C: We've decided we fell in love in the same moment. We were in St. George sitting together on a balcony looking at the pool and the sky. We just kind of fell in love in the quiet.

7. If you were given $100,000 a week what would you spend it on? B: SO MANY THINGS!.... First on my list is a Chanel handbag though! C: My dream truck! Then I'd put everything else into savings!

8. If you were given the opportunity to spend one day with anyone (living or dead) who would it be, and what would you do? B: Ayn Rand. And just talk. (I just want to hear her talk. Her mind amazes me.) C: My grandpa Clive! And I'd want to go hang out in the mountains!

9. What do you spend most of your money on? B & C: BILLS.

10. What is a weird habit you have, or people have told you you have? B: I don't think I have any!.... hahaa. C: I have a little bit of OCD. Growing up I would have to do certain things (like spin around the fridge, or count to 2 over and over again) to assure myself things would happen. I can't really explain it!

11. What is your hometown, your age, and what high school/college did you attended? B: Spanish fork, 23, ALA (American leadership academy!) and UVU! C: Pleasant Grove, 28, Pleasant Grove high school (Greatest school in the world!) and UVU!

12. What are five things you would have in your dream house? B: An all over sound system, heated bathroom floors, a toto toilet, a room with big mirrors to dance/workout in, and a really comfy lounge room where our family and friends can all hang out in! C: An indoor + outdoor pool, a sauna & steam shower, a big backyard, a big garage, and putting green!

13. If you could be reincarnated to any animal what would it be? B: Panda! Or a dog.. C: A cougar!

14. What is your favorite song? B: Soul to squeeze. C: Little moments.

15. Which celebrity do you idolize most? B: Emma Watson! C: Derek Jeter!!!!!!!!

16. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? B: An elementary school teacher. C: An MLB player!

17. Favorite movie of all time? B: Point Break! And then Benjamin Button. C: The Holiday!

18. Do you have any pet peeves? B: When people change things last second.. C: Depends on the day hahaa!

19. Do you have a nickname? B: BA! C: C, Chaser, & Marky Mark!


20. What is your favorite food, drink, tv show, & color? B: Pizza, Almond milk, the Bachelor, and blue! C: Steak, Coke, Duck Dynasty + Gold Rush + Alaska the last Frontier, and blue!


21. Which quality do you most hope your children have? B: Physically C's eyes! The shape and the color! C: Athleticism!


22. Do you have any obsessions? B: Clothes. Makeup. Duh. C: Baseball, golfing, hunting, and watching the jazz.


23. Who is your male and female celebrity crush? B: Natalie Portman & Brody Jenner! (No judging!) C: Ryan Reynolds + Ryan Gosling, and Mika Kunis!


24. Who do people say you look like? B: I don't even know!.. I get so many. Emily Maynard, Julianne Hough, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, and the Olsen twins are the ones I hear the most! C: MARK WAHLBERG!


25. If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? B: Thailand, Charleston, and Tokyo! C: Alaska!



And there you have it folks! xx We hope you liked getting to know us more! If there are any questions you're curious about leave a comment below and we'll get back to you! HAPPY WEEKEND!