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Dress // Sandals // Cap // Bag // Self Tanner

Adventure was found in my own backyard <3

I’ve caught the travel bug. I’m always aching to go somewhere new and beautiful. Today, I didn’t have to go far.  

Growing up I didn’t appreciate Utahs beauty. But after meeting my husband and seeing this state through his eyes, I can now see what he sees and I’m in love with this place too. <3 If you haven’t been here, get here. And if you’re dying for adventure, start in your backyard. Adventure is all around. 


This outfit is from Lulus! I love that I can wear there items literally anywhere. This dress would look as good in the city as it does in the mountains!


Anndd total side note, this is probably my second blog post ever where I’m not wearing makeup. I’m trying to be more comfortable in my own skin! So far it’s been a slow process, but it’s coming along!  


Thanks for stopping by today loves! And thanks to Lulus for sponsoring this post! xx

H A W A I I’ G U I D E

Click on a pic to shop the items pictured above! xx

Click on a pic to shop the items pictured above! xx


Island life is the life for me! <3 After visiting Oahu for 2 weeks, I can honestly say I’d move there in a heartbeat. Hawaii was heaven on earth!

I’ve received countless questions about Hawaii, so I’ve put together a guide to the island based on our 14 day experience! We’re talking food, beaches, places to stay, activities, flights, what to pack, etc! ENJOY FOLKS! (Also anything with a “**” by it is a MUST in our book!)

This was both Chase & my first time on the island, and for newbies I’d say we fooping ROCKED Hawaii’s world! We looked into EVERYTHING before heading out to the island which made our trip a total breeze! Since we’ve done all the googling and “testing out”, all you have to do to is take our word for it! xx


We’re BIG into food, (eating is basically our favorite part of everyday life..) so obviously we’re starting here!

The places we recommend to you are:

**Roy’s Beach House (American cuisine)

Seven Brothers (burgers + salads)

Crispy Grindz (Açaí bowls)

Kahuku Farms (Vegan + local + organic)

Shaloha (Israeli)

**Waialua Bakery (bread & desserts made fresh in house)

Elephant truck (Thai + vegan)

Ai Love Nalo (vegan)

Norios (steak + sushi)

Hi BBQ (real bbq)

**Uncle Woodys Truck (bbq corn)

Kua Aina (sandwich + burger + salads)

Banzai Sushi Bar (seafood + sushi)

We loved most everything we ate on the island except for one place, Kualoa Ranch. It was awful and extremely overpriced! Don’t eat here!

GLUTEN FREE** Our list is a bit limited. I’m allergic to shrimp, and I’m also a celiac! (A GLUTARD!) In Utah there are tons of gluten free alternatives, but in Hawaii we didn’t find many unless it was a chain restaurant! All of these places listed above had meat for Chase, and gluten free options for me! (Not necessarily bread or buns, but enough of an option where I felt full!)

As far as grocery shopping goes, you’re going to want to hit Costco or Safeway in the city! They have the most options and the cheapest prices! If your shopping at Food Land (aka not in the city,) snag a locals phone number or ask if you can enter your own phone number for a discount! (It actually helps quite a bit!)


Finding a place to stay took us some time! You can either stay in the city, (Honolulu/Waikiki) or the country! (Literally everywhere else.) After deciding where you’d like to be your options are 1. book a hotel (if it’s nice it’ll be pricey) or 2. use Airbnb, VRBO, or Home Away!

We wanted to stay at Turtle Bay, (country side, NORTH SHORE) but didn’t want to pay $400.00 a night + resort fees! We found a condo at Turtle Bay through VRBO that was only $90.00 a night and really cute! (I’ll link it HERE! If you can find it on VRBO, it’s cheaper than this linked price!) We love staying at nice resorts, but we also love saving money! Staying at this condo at Turtle Bay was the perfect option for us! We really did love this place and definitely will book it again!

TIP: when booking anything through Airbnb, VRBO, or Home Away, make sure you’ve read through all the details. Sometimes they don’t have air-conditioning, they might require you to bring your own toiletries/towels, & you might need to pre arrange a time to get the key if they have one. I know this sounds like a lot, but it’s not! TRUST ME!!!! If I can handle this, anyone can!

Side note: we were extremely glad we stayed on the North Shore! It was by far our favorite part of the whole island! We visited the entire island while there, and wouldn’t of had it any other way!


We did so much while we were in Hawaii! Our days were jam packed for the most part! My absolute favorite days though we’re the ones where we did nothing. Just eat, lay on the beach, and play in the water! If you're wanting a chill vacation, give yourself a few days where nothing is planned! In my opinion, they always end up being the best days!

Aside from chillin, we recommend THESE:

**Helicopter Ride at Paradise Helicopters

**Hikes (Crouching Lion, Lulumahu falls, Waimea falls, Kuliouou ridge trail, and sunset pillbox!)


Shopping (local shops at Haleiwa or the Ala Moana mall)

Paddle boarding (we rented ours in Haleiwa)

**Snorkeling (We liked Hanauma Bay & Turtle Bay! They had the prettiest fish! You can rent gear at both of these places or get your own on amazon for super cheap!)

Pearl Harbor

Luau + Night show at PCC! (we don’t recommend a full day there. However, the Luau & night show were incredible!)

A few activities we didn’t do but would love to try next time are Shark diving, horse back riding, swimming with wild dolphins (west side) and Zip lining! They have tons of places that offer these!

The only activity we don’t recommend is visiting Kualoa Ranch! (Aka Jurassic Park!) The views are insanely beautiful, but it’s expensive! (We’d rather book a helicopter tour over it than a tour through it!) If you drive up to Kualoa Ranch, you can honestly see it’s gorgeous view without paying their hefty fees.


Simply put, some beaches are better than others! Here were our favorites!

**Kawela bay (beautiful, somewhat private feeling beach! Pirates of the Caribbean, hunger games, and soul surfer were filmed there!)

Waimea (incredibly big waves and the best beach to watch surfers!)

**Lanikai (softest sand ever)

Sunset (chill & somewhat touristy)

Castles (calm waves for beginning surfers, also has sea turtles swimming around)

Waikiki (firework show on Friday nights)

Banzai pipeline (great to spot surfers)

This is going to sound crazy but the only beach we didn’t love was Turtle Bay! Great for snorkeling, but if you want a beach day, it’s not the prettiest view!


The most cost efficient way to rent a car is through Turo! (It’s like Airbnb but for a car!) You can get a car for $20.00 a day! A STEAL! If your staying in the city, Uber is wonderful and cost efficient as well! The north shore doesn’t really have Uber, so if you’re staying there (or anywhere other than the city) we recommend renting a car!

If you rent a car through a company like Budget, Hertz, etc. try booking it online before arriving! It will be cheaper and a much quicker process!


This can be one of the cheapest or most expensive parts of your trip depending on how you do it! If you’re flexible on dates, you can always find cheap(er) flights! Also, if you can handle a red eye, that’s also going to give you a cheaper flight as well!

I got our flights for $265.00 round trip! SO AFFORDABLE! I follow a few people on Instagram who find cheap flights and watch the deals they post! (I feel like every big city in the world has an Instagram for this! The one I follow for Utah is @FlightsFromHome!)

After finding a cheap flight, I look it up on google flights, and then get on Hopper to see when I should purchase it! Flight prices can move up an down on a day to day basis, and Hopper tells you when to purchase at the best price!

Allssoo, I recently discovered one other way to fly for cheap and it’s kind of amazing! You need good credit to do it, and will need to apply for & use certain credit cards, but if done right, you can virtually get free flights! (Or international flights under $100.00!)


Packing for Hawaii is a piece of cake! It’s the complete opposite of New York where you bring your entire closet! You can get away with bringing just a carry on to Hawaii, you really don’t need much!

Here are our essentials:

Sun screen (30+, the sun is strong in Hawaii!)

Bug Spray

Comfortable shoes

Good sandals or flip flops

A light jacket for the evening

Swim suits

Swim suits

More swim suits

That’s it!

Aside from the basics (tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.) this is literally all you need! We didn’t wash our hair much, didn’t get dressed often, and didn’t need everything we though we would! These were the essentials!

Ladies, if you like to air dry your hair, it was a little hard to get it air dried all the way! (It’s pretty humid there!) I was very grateful I packed my hairdryer! It’s not necessary, but I’m glad I had it!

Chase & I packed some “nicer” outfits for dates/nice dinners and we only busted them out one time. Everything gets wet, everything gets sandy.. keep your nice clothes at home!


I have some local friends who have grown up on the island, and they kindly shared this knowledge with me prior to coming. It was useful to me, and I hope it can be useful to you as well!

Support local everything if possible (ex: farmers market over a grocery store)

Be respectful to locals (this might be your vacation destination, but it is someone else’s HOME)

Pick up after yourself (don’t you dare litter)

Note, there are homeless people (do what you will. Be kind, help if you have a good feeling. Go with your gut.)

There are “locals only” spots, be respectful to these areas

There are hitch hikers (once again, go with your gut!)

Aight.. I think that’s everything! If you made it to the end of this post, CON FREAKIN GRATS! That was a LOONNGG ONE! I hope you reward yourself by booking a trip to Hawaii!!!! (Seriously, Nike that shiz & just do it!!!!)

Obviously I’m not from the island and have so much to learn about it still.. BUT, if you have any questions for me about anything leave a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading guys! Love you all so so much! xx

 P.s. for more of our Hawaii pictures, check out this post HERE! (And this little one here!) 

S O L E O H A’


Yellow Sandals // Red Mules // Tan Fringe Heels // Teal Flats // Nude Wedges // Cognac Bag // Straw Beach Tote // Sun Hat

SOLEOHA beautiful people! Soleoha is basically “Aloha” but when you’re Sole Society obsessed! (; Today I’m SOO excited to share my fashion travel guide for the tropics, starting with the real MVPs, Sole Society shoes!

I kid you not, I’ve worn a pair of Sole Society’s shoes ERRE SINGLE DAY here! (They work with everything and are so dang cute!) If you aren’t familiar with Sole Society, let me give you the run down! Sole Society is a footwear company that produces trendy, fashion forward, high quality, and affordable shoes + accessories! I’ve shopped with them for years! You can find them online on their website Solesociety.Com!

Before heading out the the Hawaiian islands, I knew my swim + shoe game needed to be on point! Swim for obvious reasons, but shoes were just as important to me! There’s a lot of walking to be done here, and I knew my feet would be killing me if I wasn’t wearing supportive sandals! I also wanted shoes that wouldn’t hurt when sand got into them. Sometimes the sand can get caught between your skin and your shoe, and after a few rubs it can cut your skin up! These shoes handled the walking & sand like champions! I give them a 10/10 for function, durability, and over all look!

I snagged a couple of colorful pairs to wear to the beach, a few neutral pairs to wear around town, and a heel to wear out on a date with Chase! They were beyond perfect! I also ordered a beach bag, a carry on for my flight, and a hat to help keep the sun off of my face! Everything I wore received compliments all day long! (It was kinda cute actually hahaa!)

Out of all the things I packed on this tropical trip, these shoes were by far the most important! (Ok, sunscreen, then shoes!) If you’re headed out on a holiday, or doing anything that involves a lot of walking I HIGHLY recommend shopping for shoes at Sole Society! We spend a lot of time in our shoes everyday, so to me, it’s a no brainer to invest in a few good pairs! Don’t let your shoes hold you back, run freely with Sole Society! <3

Thanks for stopping by today lovelies! Love you all!

P.s. I’ll be doing a swimsuit guide + Hawaii travel guide later this week! Stay tuned loves! xx

Y E’ L O


Top // Pants // Mules // Bag // Scarf // Sunglasses // Necklaces // Earrings 

Feeling like a little ray of sunshine lately (: & dressing like one too! 

The weather in Laguna has been incredibly warm so I decided to rock this gingham set from Lulus around town & at the beach! (It’s a nice change from Utah where we’re still getting snow!)

To me, this yellow set screams SUMMER VACATION! The second I laid my eyes on it I added it to my cart! It’s just too cute! It also comes in a few other colors and prints! Just search “Faithfull the Brand” on Lulus website! <3 

What are some items your shopping for this summer? Leave a comment below, I want to know! 

Thanks for popping in babes! Wishing you all the best Wednesday! xx




After sharing my travel skin care & makeup routine I received soo many dms I couldn’t keep up! It was obvious I needed to make a post so HERE IT IS! <3 

Below you can shop every item I used while traveling! Simply click on a picture to shop the item! OR, if you’re Utah based head into Amara Day Spa and try these items out. I got them all from there!

Just a reminder, these items ARE all day wear, have spf, and are waterproof! Not only do I recommend them for vacation, but any day you’re going to be out in the sun or spending time in a humid place. Also, if you have OILY SKIN, (like me) water proof products are truly a game changer! (I wear water proof products nearly everyday.) Your oil will not rub them off! (Aka you’re not going to have mascara smudged on your eyelids or runny concealer.) Waterproof products are AMAZING! 

Also, if I was being selective, my top 5 products out of these are 1. South Seas tanning spray (which you can spray on your body for a tan, and on your face to set your makeup.) 2. Becca highlighter. 3. Smashbox foundation & contour stick. 4. Smashbox eye shadow pallet. And 5. Full Exposer waterproof mascara! (Also also and total side note, the magnetic lashes are a game changer as well! I usually use the one two cosmetic ones, but recently bought these Ardell ones from target and love them just as much! They're also much more affordable!)

If you have any questions on these items leave a comment below or shoot me an email at ChaseAndBrit@Gmail.Com! <3  

Thanks for stopping by loves! YOU DA BESST! xx



Sweater // Suspender Denim // Booties // Hat // Necklace // Earrings // Photog: Gabe Johnson

Taking advantage of Utahs scenery more than ever before. Honestly, I really love being outdoors. Especially in a cute outfit like this! I love how this outfit meshes with the mountains and the weather so perfectly. For once, I feel like I belong in Utah!   

I bought both this sweater & denim from Vici Collection! I knew I had to have them the second I saw them. I’ve been looking for a Pom Pom sweater and this one is the ultimate! It’s comfortable, soft, has the cutest poms, perfect neutral color, and it’s not over done on the poms, just perfect! I also fell in love with these suspender jeans the moment I tried them on! They’re like overalls, but more comfortable! (And in my opinion, a lil more fashionable as well!) 10/10 would recommend this entire outfit to you! (P.s. use code BRIT20 at Vici Collection for 20% your entire purchase!) 


Ok, who watched my insta stories yesterday?! <3 It was my moms 51st birthday, and I planned a little surprise for her!  

I contacted Good Things Utah (Utahs BEST day show) and the hosts from the show agreed to come have lunch at Blue Lemon and do nails at Amara Day Spa with my mom and I for her birthday! I didn’t mention anything to my mom and was anticipating her reaction for weeks!   (My mom has watched their show everyday for YEARS and is literally obsessed with them!.. The Good Things Utah hosts are Beyonce in her eyes!) 

When we got to Blue Lemon and she saw one of the Hosts by her birthday balloons, she started bawling. (Emphasis on BAWLING!) She couldn’t stop hugging/laughing/crying over the hosts! It was so cute!! I took a video but my phone glitched and it didn’t save! (Curse you apple update!) It was an amazing moment to witness!

After lunch we headed to Amara Day Spa (my go to salon & spa in Utah) with the GTU girls for some much needed pampering and girl talk! There was talk of dating, being a mom, how to properly put on your bra, and more! (I also convinced them to tell me what they’re dressing up as for Halloween! Sorry though, I don’t leak secrets!)

My mom was on cloud 9 the entire day! In fact, she’s still on cloud 9 today hahaa!  

I just wanted to say thank you to the GTU hosts for being so kind, loving, charitable, and for making my moms birthday the best yet! We are so grateful for all of you and love you from the bottom of our hearts! I also wanted to say thank you to Amara Day Spa for making us feel like princesses! There’s isn’t another place in Utah I would want to take all these beautiful women to for a day of pampering! 

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my MOM! Thanks for being my mom KAWI ANDWUS! You are an amazing woman & mother, and I’m lucky to be your daughter! Happy 51st mom <3 I love you!! 



Hey MTV, welcome to our crib! Well, our weekend crib! The last few days we had the opportunity to play & stay at one of our favorite hotels in Utah, Stein Eriksen Lodge! If you haven't been to Stein Eriksen, you're truly missing out! (And hopefully we can give you a taste of what you're missin!)    


Checked in


Checked out (; 


Stein Eriksen is a 5-Star resort located in our favorite place, Park City Utah! As you can see, it has the most beautiful views and surroundings, including the rooms! It feels like your in the middle of Norway while roaming the grounds at this beautiful mountain resort! 

While we were here we tried out everything Stein Eriksen has to offer! A beautiful pool, 24 hour room service, the award winning Glitretind restaurant, Utahs only 5-Star spa, and easy "in & out" access to Deer Valley ski resort!

Everything was absolutely phenomenal! (Including the staff! We fell in love with them!)

The pool was incredible, the food was TO DIE FOR, the spa was relaxing & therapeutic, (and gorgeous) and the in & out access at Deer Valley was amazing! (It may not be ski season, but it is perfect weather for mountain biking!)  


Pool Goals

Fire place at the pool

Fire place at the pool

All organic pool side snack &lt;3

All organic pool side snack <3

Catching air at Deer Valley! Right in the back yard of Stein Eriksen!&nbsp;

Catching air at Deer Valley! Right in the back yard of Stein Eriksen! 


To the Spa <3


Relaxation Room <3


Hot Tub = Heaven




Steam Shower


Cold Plunge!  

If you've never been to a spa, you NEED to try it out! We LOVE THEM & love what they do for you! Spas destress, and detoxify you! They can make your skin glow, and clear your sinuses as well! If you're working on your body, try the "Hydra-Shock" treatment! You do 3, 10 minute hot treatments (the sauna, the hot tub, and the steam shower) and between each one, submerge yourself in the cold pool for 30 seconds! Putting your body into shock like that is amazing for you! Not only will it relax, de-stress, and detoxify you, BUT it will burn 1000 calories! Sounds crazy, but it works! This is by far my favorite thing to do at the spa! They also offer massages, facials, & couples treatments! 

Our room was perfection! Perfect size, beautiful view out on the deck, every tv station imaginable, stunning bathroom, and tub big enough to swim in! We did NOT want to leave! 



Breakfast on the deck accompanied by house made chocolates <3


Restaurant Deck <3  



Right outside the banquet rooms! Stein Eriksen hosts events of all kinds! 


Something exciting is happening at Stein right now, and I can hardly wait for it! They're EXPANDING! More to love is on its way! Entertainment CenterCoffee BarPool Lounge ExpansionFamily PoolExpanded Ski Locker RoomsExpanded Outdoor Plaza Event Space, & Theater Room

A few things I didn't get pictures of that Stein Eriksen has to offer is their on site activities for children, child care, a shuttle that takes you around Park City, gift shops, and a beautiful gym!

If you're dying to stay, book now! Stein Eriksen has some amazing deals going on! Their "Taste of Summer" includes your choice of a 3 course dinner or Park Citys award winning Sunday brunch! There is also a "book 2 nights get your 3rd free," and some other special packages for mountain bikers, skiers, and golfers! 

We HIGHLY recommend staying here and know you'll love it as much as we do! 

Thanks for checking out our crib MTV (; until next time! xx|HEA

 Stein Eriksen // Her Swimsuit // Her Cover Up // Her Pool Bag // Her Cardigan // Her Striped Tee // Her Jeans // Photog: Gabe Johnson




Dress // Boots // Handbag // Cuff // Watch // Earrings // Phone Case // Photog: Paige Sovic

Sunday best wearing head to toe Lulus. <3 This shift dress is one of my new favorites! It comes in 8 different colors, and I have it in 3! (I couldn't resist the blush pink & beige colors.. they are gorgeous!!) I love how simple yet stunning this dress is. It's perfect for a bridesmaid dress! I wish they had these when I got married for my bridesmaids, the girls would have loved them!!!! 

Another thing I wish I had when I got married is this wallet iPhone case from SkinIt! (I lost my wallet on my wedding day and was in a panick!) Now when I lose my wallet, I just call my phone! 

I also purchased a water proof case from SkinIt and LOVE it as well! (I got to try it out in St George this weekend and was very impressed with how well it's picture quality was!) 

&& Lucky for you guys, SkinIt is offering 20% off your purchase with code "HappilyEverAllen" until the end of the month! <3 They also have a promo right now where you can get 50% off your second case! 10/10 would recommend! xx